Life is strange. No I know you hear it everyday but what to do such is life, its only banality is its strangeness and weirdness.

Now why am I saying all this? Would you believe my answer? because I got awarded on a post for a competition in Indiblogger today. People might be thinking here that leave alone life I am definitely quite strange. But then I am telling you this whole winning thing has instilled in me all this rant.

Now when I wrote this post I had written it not just for the competition but because I had thought of writing it for a long time. And the competition just so happened.

My friends appreciated the post my husband got all emotional and for me- it was a let out all kind of feeling. The feeling you have when you realise its over. That the beauty of the situation has remained and the ugliness has gone with the typed words.

I wrote it and it all got over for me. The thought of winning losing, when the competition results were supposed to be released everything. The only feeling that remained was that the world knew my story. That there were those undergoing a similar turmoil who felt reassured that they were not alone. And best that there was hope and life could easily turn around anytime.

So the thought of the win never entered my mind. I had no expectations because I hadnt written with that intention as an objective. But you see life is strange when you dont demand from it, it gives you whole heartedly. It gives you more than you expected. It gives you that very thing you thought was elusive or not covered in your agenda.

And thats what makes it all the more sweet. That what makes that thing linger in your mind for a longer time.

I look back and I recall the reactions I got from people. Some just thanked God in their head that they didnt have to undergo what I did but only politely told me “A great post”, some said “it touched our heart and we are so happy for you” (something about these makes me believe their compliments are true), others were so overwhelmed by the post that they did not say anything (i dont know what to make of them!) and others would simply hug me and give me their best smile with teary eyes(that would be just one person my sweet husband <3 br="br"> 
And what was my reaction? I had written it in one go. I had not even proof read it. I had put no pictures no caligraphy not even promoted it enough. Did I really expect it to win? No not at all. They wouldnt even have a look at it. I looked at others post. I felt dwarfed by their creativity and presentation. What did I have mere words? Were they enough? of course not! I told myself. And I moved on.

So with no hopes nothing, I just erased it from my memory completely. Until one morning I saw a notification. An FB notification which duly surprised me with the news that I had won something on Indiblogger competition. What which i couldnt see? You would wonder why? Naah Anukriti had updated it properly but in the rush of office and the little black berry screen I couldnt notice.

So I reached office. Switched on my regular sites and checked indiblogger. There it was 5X  Amazon Kindle e ink reader 6″ awarded to me. To my story. Not just a story written by me. But my own story. I story so close to my heart it defines me. I wish I had words to describe the feeling. But it doesnt. It wasnt the win it was the win for that very article which I wrote to move on from my past to present 🙂

For all those who didnt read the post I had submitted for the competition, it is right here 🙂
My True Story

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