The post has been written by my dear friend Parv Kaushik on the awesome occasion of my birthday this year on 29th October. These words have found space in my heart on my office workstation wall sides and now finally my blog. 

Those of you who would like to know him better as a writer as a free thinker can always visit his blog

In this caravan of life people come and go but seldom one touches the soul
Who’ll hold a candle in your darkest hours and stand by you in your lethal wars
Solving the complex riddles and the symphony of chaos & confusion in your head
The caravan of your life taking its bearing and course on words they have said

Alas she’s none of it!!

She’s the ‘been through there’ & ‘done that and got bored’ girl you’ll encounter
So probably she’ll unlit your little false lamps of hope & mock you as a jester
She’ll add her own chaos in ‘E Minor’ to yours making symphony a rhyming rap
And all the bearings you took from her will have you ending up in Devil’s lap

Alas she’s not so evil!!

She rebelled against the world a long time before she even gained her senses
Claimed her independence from the society in which she pretends to be within the fences
All these million rules and laws lie shattered & broken in a corner of her head
If they read the minds she’d be outlawed long ago saying ‘wanted alive or dead’

Alas she’s not Che Guevara!!

She’s as enigmatic as some Scorpio can be
Smiling at the lesser souls trying hard not to get preachy
Setting her own ways for sailing through life breaking free
May many more birthdays compound your joys and shopping spree


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