It was over now.
I had thrown the divorce papers on the
table and she had signed on them without speaking a single word. She didn’t
care. Who was I fooling? My last hope to save my marriage had gone. The
emotions in my head and heart pushed me out of the house on to the sandy beach.
And to think we had bought this beach house to commemorate our first date here.

“Papa Papa,” I saw Kabir running towards
me. I loved him so much. My son. My first born. My only one.
“What happened? Why are you outside?” I asked.
“Mum has been throwing things around in the
house and crying hysterically. I got scared. So I ran off,” he replied.
It suddenly dawned on me. How blind had I
been? It affected us, it pained us but the same ordeals of life demanded us to
not show it.
Life everyday had been to cry into the
nights over our failed marriage and yet wake up to a steely morning with no
hint of emotion.
Holding Kabir’s hands I walked back into
the house.

Tore the divorce papers on the table.
Looked at her and just sank into the chair. 
That one walk from Kabir on the beach had
saved my day probably, my whole life. 

P.S Picture above is self clicked and self edited 🙂
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