“And this one?” I asked sheepishly.

“Yes I have no problems, buy a few more. In fact why don’t you pick the whole lot and get it billed. A few more thousands would make no difference to the thirty something credit card bill we already have,” Sarcasm. The best by product of marriage to a man.

If sarcasm is a by product for the man from the Saath Phere, what is the by product for his better half?

I turned to see myself in the full length mirror of the store facing me. It screamed the answer in my face. Only ten months into marriage, I now look a distant picture of my younger years. Slightly overweight, patchy skin and a full sleeves kurta, to hide the not so smooth arms from the world. What have I become? A poor caricature of my blissful past?

“Buy as many short dresses as you want, like you would ever wear them. Keep piling them in the cupboard and when its time to go for a party, extract your jeans and tshirts. Like I dont know you,” he spoke vitriolically.
His words tore my heart into two. He was right, these dresses I buy almost every month dont get to see the light of the day or night. And why, one may ask me so? Because they need those sexy smooth legs which I have forgotten how to maintain it seems. 
I stared back into the mirror, look at me. When was the last time I thought I need to cater to my personal grooming? 
“You wait till new years eve. This new year party I will wear this dress and I will show you and the world how sexy I can be. You wait and see,” I replied with quiet determination. 
I picked up the dress and began walking to the counter.
“Wait Richa, but you have taken the wrong size,” he called out after me.
“No I haven’t. I have taken the right one,” I replied calmly.
“Don’t you see here, its a medium. You always take a large. Here I brought one along, now lets not waste time and get it billed,” he snatched the piece I was carrying and handed me another one.
I slowly took the medium one from him and returned the large.
“I will wear the medium one on that day,” I swiftly walked to the counter and got over with the billing.
                *                                                          *                                                         *
Only two weeks were left for new year’s eve. A lot had to be done. I quickly picked up my diary and made a list. 
“I see the green layer of mint and aloe vera will not make you an Aishwarya Rai in two weeks,” in a way I was happy to hear his mocking. It somehow instigated me to drive myself further.
                 *                                                          *                                                         *
We were walking down the steps of the mall, when a woman wearing a flashy red dress went past us. Her sexy dress, pouting red lips and long legs made a lot of heads turn. But the one head that turned the most was my husband’s. 
“You take out the car I will meet you outside,” I said these words and began returning back into the mall.
I almost began sprinting, the sight of that girl in front of me provided pace to my legs.
“One Gilette Satin Care, please,” I was almost out of breath by the time I reached the store. 
The image of my husband’s eyes following her legs reminded me how much my life needed a weapon and a weapon real quick. 
There it was shining in it super friendly compact pack, every woman’s answer to her glamorous avatar. I held it my hand, smiling to myself that now it was only a few more hours and my life will take its well deserved sexy siren turn.

“Mam, forty rupees,” he smiled at me while speaking this.
Imagine only forty to gain your life back, thats all it takes to vindicate the red sexy dress woman.
I dug my hands in the denim pockets only to find air inside. It dawned on me I had left the wallet in the car.
Frustration knew no bounds when I pushed the blue pack away from me. 
A depressed me got back to the car, I casually remarked that I had to go to the wash room. The remark contained none of the disappointment I was experiencing in that moment.
               *                                                          *                                                         *
There were too many people out shopping today, I too was standing there, waiting for my requests to be entertained by the busy bee shopkeeper trying to make ends meet.
“A packet of oil, rose water, maggi double pack and yes Gilette satin care,” the lady standing next to me finished her last four items of the shopping list. Unfortunately she had done that five times over. Each time the next four became the last four.
An irritated me, patiently waited for her to move across so that I could present just one demand over the counter. Her last item was my only and first requirement for the moment.
“A Gilette Satin care,” I quietly asked.
He came back looking more desolate than before.
“Mam the stock has finished the last piece just went to that lady,” he spoke apologetically.
My eyes turned to see the woman walking away clumsily with her tons of shopping bags being held by the tall, smart husband alongside.
Then my eyes wandered to the white sedan parked along side road with a man gesticulating like the earth is ending. My husband doesn’t even assist me in carrying my shopping bags and on top of that acts like the tick tock timer while waiting impatiently in the car.
Why me! This is the only shop in the complex where I could get the razor, the other one is a good three kilometres away, the impatient man in the car would never agree to take me there.
I slowly walked back to the car and settled in the co driver seat.
“Firstly you take ages and then you don’t even buy a damn thing!” he spoke irritably.
I didn’t reply, had no energy left to do so.
                *                                                          *                                                         *
“You actually drink this aloevera juice! Since when,” my sister asked me expressing a lot of surprise in her voice.
“About two weekes,” I answered huffing and puffing while cycling on the machine.
“I see the new year bet, jiju told me about your resolve. Have you even tried the dress once?” she asked mirroring my worst fear.
“It will fit me I know,” I replied with pseudo confidence.
“Speaking of dress, I need to buy one for tonight. There is a party at Anmol’s. Now get off that cycle, remove this green layer of mint and get dressed,” she spoke with a lot mirth in her voice.

               *                                                          *                                                         *

“I really like it, what do you think?” she asked me gesturing towards the huge shopping bag she was holding.

“I have no other choice but to love it, honey I was the one who shelled out a lot of cash for this. Do you remember?” I spoke sarcastically.
In reply she only shrugged her shoulders. That idea of buying a dress was only to extract a spontaneous gift out of me. Does she think I don’t know?
Whatever, I moved on. Its already six and I need to get back home, get dressed and go to the party. The test is today.
But not before I finally buy my all important item, the Gilette Satin Care.
“Fifteen rupees! Thats all you left in my wallet. What am I supposed to do!” I screamed all the way back home.
When I had finally reached the store and extracted my wallet to pay, I realised all my sister had left in it was a paltry sum of fifteen rupees. 
                     *                                                          *                                                         *
I had taken out my dress and laid it on the bed. But beside it I had placed my regular jeans and a matching coat. 

I was almost down to tears. There was no time to go to a shop as it was about time for the party. Fourteen weeks were up, I had done everything and I didn’t own a razor for the all important task.

I knew I couldn’t wear it but just for my own satisfaction I thought to try it own. Just to see if it fits. 
I looked at myself in the mirror, it fit me just perfectly. I smiled at myself, I sure did look a pretty picture. Then my eyes fell on the legs. 
I wish had I opted for my hair removal. Opted a little earlier, not left it to the helter skelter events of last day.
Alas just one piece out of place and here I am feeling cheated out of my own resolution.
“This new year party I will wear this dress and I will show you and the world my sexy smooth legs.”
Just then my husband walked in, he looked a little amused.
“Why are you wearing jeans today? Isnt it the fourteenth day?” he spoke jokingly.
I didn’t reply, I almost thought I would cry if I did.
I was looking down when suddenly something dropped in my lap. I looked up and found my husband staring at me with a weird expression.
It was gift wrapped with a ribbon and had a message on it. “Because I love you”.

I opened it, and there it was the shining blue razor in my hands.
                 *                                                          *                                                         *
I enjoyed the party thoroughly. New year brought many surprises for me and new found confidence in the mirror was definitely one of them. 
While driving back, my husband suddenly began humming an old favourite song of mine. I looked at him, he had a special glow on his face like he himself was reliving a younger time.
“Something special tonight, Mr. Agarwal?” I asked laughingly.
“No nothing, just that my wife suddenly has began to look like this girl I used to date back in the years. She always took care to dress, remembered to touch up her make up before I planned to kiss her, and sometimes even after. Its just that now I think I might have a date every day and that too without the extra cost of that hundred rupees coffee,” he turned to see me blushing just in time.

The perfect me won the bet! And the proof is the above picture clicked by my over sarcastic but sweetest husband 🙂

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