Yesterday it was Monday, a day equally cursed by one and all except of course the devotees of lord Shiva. And I do believe after the five crore cheque, Amish Tripathi is definitely one of them. It’s a day of pain and not just any kind of pain deep agonizing pain especially for the people who have 6 days as working and only get their Sunday’s “ass” off.

After 4 and half hour of depression and insane work(or the drama of it!) I called my wife and invited her for a movie. ‘Invited’ because these days she is abstaining herself from social life and entertainment. It’s a long story and will share later.

So after completing my 8 and half hour of official duty, we went to watch “The movie” GO GOA GONE. Word ‘THE’ is used because it’s an A certified movie. For more details on certification please visit

I was excited because this is something which only Adults can do and not the kids. As now a days nothing much is left which only adults can do. I was happy because why should kids have all the fun. They get time for friends, sports, love and all the f*** other elements in the world. Oh! God how I miss my childhood days.

Carrying on, we went inside a hall full of cushion chairs which looked a delectable sight after your ass has gone through 8 and half hours of misery. When I sat on it, it felt like I was floating in my bathtub with lukewarm water in it and someone is massaging my tussy.

After 15 minutes of visuals on how chewing tobacco and smoking cigarettes, weed and what not can be injurious to your health and be a reason for cancer. I turned around and counted number of people in the hall. There were hardly 25 people in the hall with a sitting capacity of 600 people.

Movie was damn funny and some of the scenes were really hilarious. It was throughout filled up with scenes of cigarettes, dope, drugs etc. Mirage of scenes centering around my college life flooded my senses, but of course I began to enjoy the movie.

After 20 Minutes a family entered the hall. I counted them because I have obsessive compulsive disorder( I am an engineer, an IITian so mathematics and counting comes naturally or rather unnaturally to me). There were total 13 people out of which 2 were adults and rest 11 were kids below 18. A perfect cricket team, probably a b’day party celebration for one of the kids. What better then celebrating your b’day with Zombies? Every child’s dream.

The first thought that came to mind was, where are all the adults and what the hell these kids are doing inside this hall, how the hell did they get through the security gate. Between smoking scenes and cancer visuals and of course the mature kids, my mind grappled to find some answers, but failed. 

Smoking- Cancer, Zombies-Kids, Adult movie-No adults-My mind really got confused there were lots of questions unanswered. After the movie on my ride back home I took permission from my wife for just 1 cigarette. I think my mind needed it to solve some of the mysteries. Actually I was on smoking abstinence for now more than 6 months.

I love my wife for letting me smoke, so I smoked and got all my answers. It really felt like “BABA JI KA GYAN” which was waiting to come to me.

So the answers to my questions were:

Smoking is injurious to health yes but the visuals of fifteen minutes last only for that much and the three hour movie showing dope and smoke goes back home with you.

Zombies and kids don’t have much of a difference both are driven by their ten percent brain and often create havoc when in large number.

Adult movies but no adults- because lets face it this is also one thing that the kids can do and the charm (or time!) for this has also not been left.

Overall a funny and relaxing movie to watch but only on weekdays.

The article is written by husband dearest who can be contacted on twitter at Vikas_Agarwal1

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