A lazy Sunday, the UPSC exams results have just streamed in. A lot of headache generated, others are literally scaling mt everests in their careers. Me stupid sitting and wondering when the appraisal will get out. Really quite lame.

But one person who saves the day in such times is of course my dear friend Parv kaushik. A call from him and boy I get revitalised again.
Excerpts from the conversation today:-
“Yo wassup!” I say.
“Wassup to you too. And then how is life?” he says.
“Nothing much the usual, work office writing what else. Ya husband too in between. Its all the same. One is thankful its at least that otherwise who knows what worse could come by,” I reply quite sarcastically.
“Again? What did Mark Zuckerberg do this time?” he asked very seriously.
“Nothing. The usual if he doesnt let us know who cracked IIM, this time round the UPSC results got flashed. Some of the juniors got through. Girls. I cant even crib about the gender issue in here,” I retorted.
“This guy I tell you. He is driving the world. Sigmen Freud might come alive and write a new psychology book based on his invention. The interpretation of your facebook posts,” he commented.
I remained quiet for a while.
“Come to think about it. I know why Mark Zuckerberg did this,” I suddenly spoke.
“Why?” Parv asked.
“To remind us that our parents didnt work hard enough for us. We sacrificed our dreams for them and yet they have no remorse,” I replied.
“Really? So Sigmen Freud has found meaning here,” he exclaimed.
“Yes of course. Sigmen Freud was quite right, if you want to know whats wrong in a person look at his parents. And Mark has just taken that forward he has showcased the achievements of what others parents didnt do and what they did,” I summarised.
“I am getting it my friend. I am. Look at my dad. he graduated from IIT. Why did he stop at that? he should have cracked IAS too and then I would have like my friend Rocky driven around in college in a red hot car. And of course not worried about life and been happy. Now seeing Rocky’s stud pics I know how my parents failed and his succeeded,” he replied, hint of regrets in voice.
“Rocky’s father, what does he do?” I asked.
“Wahi, IAS and he of course doesnt believe in Anna Hazaare,” he replied.
“Even your dad was in  Bridge corporation, some of his juniors built a mansion in service. Then what happened?” I asked innocently.
“Arre my Dad he was so fast forward. Hyperly modern. Forget his own traditions and sanskriti, culture. Being in a govt job he never took bribe all his life. Imagine. I mean he wanted to be ahead of his times, at least he could have waited for Anna movement to arrive. Nahi he wanted to become James Bond of govt jobs. Look what happened. Beta bechara, had to join Navy. Poor guy he never ran five metres in school. In fact skipped school because it is too hot. Today he has to run 12Kms everyday. Look what his actions did,” he ranted off.
“Of course, of course. I understand your pain. I do. He should have at least maintained the decorum of the job. Going out of rules and regulations, this is sad,” I sympathised.
“But this Mark guy he did a good job. He ensured that we never forget what our parents didnt do and so the same we dont repeat for our kids,” he spoke conclusively.
“yes yes of course. We know how they would feel when they see FB posts of their friends with a better life,” I replied.
Its a rather tongue in cheek talk, which was thoroughly intervened by spurts of laughter from both sides 🙂 
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