This is my first review to an ad. These are my personal comments.

So I like you all have been constantly watching this Nokia Luminia ad on various television channels, in which there is a group of friends in the lift and a guy tells a girl to do 5 tasks in 2 and half minutes.
In the same time lift is going from ground floor to 10th floor.
Now only question is that what kind of lift are they in which reaches 10 floors in 2 and half minutes.
Average speed of an elevator is 500 fts in minutes. (Fifteen floors or less: 500 feet per minute)
I think Nokia loosing its market share as well as their head at the same time. They think people are as stupid as them using their whole connecting people idea.

Then now lets get to the girl. The ad is clearly been shown in an Indian setup and lets agree that all of the people in that elevator resemble humans belonging to Indian origins. Of course I want to say Solomon islands, but I will give them the benefit of doubt.

But still she has this out of the world (literally) accent and one is left wondering how can someone with that kind of conversation skills have brains to even work around a smart phone. I mean its a smart phone specifically for smarter people. At least that’s what I thought and so I insisted my wife doesn’t buy.

Moving on, we all need to introspect whether we want to buy a phone which perhaps doesn’t function in two and a half minutes but cannot even judge what exactly does two and a half minutes mean.
post written by husband dearest you can reach him on twitter at Vikas_Agarwal18 
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