Honestly I want to make some Miss India like speech (because perhaps this is my only moment!) but I will let it pass 😛

I saw Maggie’s (her blog! ) comment on one of my blog posts and bam below it her words that I won Leibster award. Who in the blogging world doesn’t know about it? It is one of the most interesting awards because in here you are supposed to make a speech( talk a lot about yourself!) I find that damn difficult, lets talk about politics, religion books movies cricket, tennis… anything under the sun that doesn’t share my fingerprints or DNA and I am cool. I have the gift of the gab, I have been hearing this all my life. And then you turn around an ask me, “What is troubling you?” I am one Manmohan Singh (without the economics of course!)

Well to cut a long story short here it is my first Liebster award!!

Leibster award is used to highlight lesser known blogs, blogs that have less than 200 followers Leibster is a German word and it means kindest, dearest, beloved, cute and endearing. Thus one accepts it with the intention of paying it forward 🙂

And in accepting it you have to:

a. Post eleven things about yourself.
b.Answer eleven questions set by the nominator
c.Choose eleven deserving bloggers meeting the criteria
d. Set eleven questions for them
e. Inform the nominee by commenting on of their posts

You are not obliged to accept the award to send it forward. This is just a way to get a word out about new blogs that your followers may not know.

a. Post eleven things about you

1. I am a control freak (or so they say)
2. I got married when I was 25 only and I always tell my husband it was not my ideal age
3. I hate when people tell me what to do. I do exactly opposite
4. I chose mechanical branch and I am an automobile engineer (all by choice)
5. As much as I love John Mayer I love Jagjit Singh
6. I judge people who don’t read
7. I am too honest for people’s comfort (again so they say)
8. I am a self proclaimed narcissist
9. I am feminist who gets up at 6.30 in the morning (to cook breakfast and lunch and what not) and sleeps by 12 in the night (as she is busy writing then)
10. I believe there is nothing as rules in anything
11. I am an out and out Scorpio. And strangely enough this is the one thing that makes me happy 🙂

b. Answer questions.

1. What would your first book be called?
Ans: The Sakhi Chronicle. (manuscript in process)

2.Have you entered into a heated argument because someone disagrees with your post online/offline?
And: Lost count literally.

3.On scale of ten how would you rate your writing?
And: Ten (please refer to section (a) point 8)

4.What is your greatest addiction?
And: Honestly writing. I have done too many weird things only to extract time to write (perhaps a post to justify that)

5.What is the best thing that your blog has done for you?
Ans: Got me a kindle in a competition! Kidding 😀 given me space to write of course away from everything.

6.What is your process of writing?
Ans: Very very random. Sometimes when I write the first few lines I have no idea what is the story going to be about. But I always have a yardstick, to write something I can myself read atleast ten times and still want to go back to.

7.Have you won leibster previously? If you have how did it feel or how does it feel now?
And: No this is my first so particularly special 🙂  and yes it feels great. Its like someone placed me on the blogosphere map 😀 😀

8. Who was the first person who told you that you should write?
And: My mother. I was in class six  and one of her friend’s daughter wrote a poem. Mum felt it was a great creation and asked me to try. My first poem was called “television” I wrote it that very night while everyone was sleeping. It got published in times of India. Still have the newspaper at home 🙂

9.What is your idea of a perfect day?
And: No office but of course! A day that begins with reading ends with writing and is mixed with some great music and movies. If there is a tennis or a cricket match I am up for it!

10.What is the inspiration for your blog’s name?
And: A big big harry potter fan and of course the word “philosopher” stuck in head. That’s it no rocket science involved.

11.Complete the sentence, “There is always something that makes me________”
Ans: There is always something that makes me want to pick up a pen and write. Story of my life.

c. Crowing the winners!!

1. http://mysay.in/ for his out of the world cartoons which made me try my hand too at this new side of blogging!
2.http://namrota.blogspot.in/ for her quirky posts and also her support in my own writing 🙂
3.http://kookydom.blogspot.in/ for his deep poetry and deep insights into emotions etched
4.http://matheikal.blogspot.in/ for always writing articles which resonate my own thinking 🙂
5.http://sakshinanda.blogspot.in/ for some of the most fresh and straight forward writing I have seen in recent times 🙂
6.http://thirstydesires.blogspot.in/ for his amazing 55ers (and of course his compliments on my stories- narcissist me :D)
7.http://jambudweepam.blogspot.in/ thought he is popular but I love his posts 🙂
8.http://evergreenleaf.blogspot.in/ and of course my friend Kislaya who has introduced me to her beautiful poetry and her superb understanding of my posts
9.http://www.miraarvind.blogspot.in/ because his optimism in posts is infectious but his sadder writings too give you a lot to think 🙂
10. http://parvkaushik.blogspot.in/ and though Maggie has also nominated him I will not let go of him on my post. Known him for almost seven years now (phew) this guy is the reason I am here 🙂 he is also the reason I am sane I believe 😀

d.Set eleven questions !

1. If given a chance what would you let go off your behavior and why?
2. An incident that changed your mind or life in some way
3. If not what you are today then who?
4. Would you say you can earn money without your degree and how?
5. Your favourite book and why?
6. What is the one thing you judge people on?
7. A quality that defines who you are
8. A person who means the most
9. Why blog?
10. Is this your first leibster? If yes then how do you feel if not who did you the first time?
11. What is it that you think about my writing (narcissism strikes!!)

e. Of course will inform all ten (need the answer to the eleventh question!) 

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