We all have done few mistakes in our
childhood days which we regret till date. Some mistakes we want to forget but
they come back to us every now and then. Today I would like to share one of the mistakes my friends and I have done (and hopefully you all have also :D).

first e-mail id

When you are growing up and you are in your
early teen age and the technology around is on boom. You hear your friends
about some of the latest stuff in the market like cyber cafes, chatting with
random girls, watching some “other things” online. You also want to try all these
things at once. It was all hormones as I can say it now. But then we have to
pay 40 bucks for 1 hr to watch these “other stuff” and indulge in chatting sessions. 

For an Indian
kid who goes for plentiful coaching classes, money is never an issue as his mom would
definitely give him some extra moolah so that he can eat something on his way to the
classes. I am sure we all have such lovely mothers. God bless them! Mother’s day just went by πŸ™‚

Now you need to have an e-mail id to chat with
the ‘amazing’ girls on the other side. My friends told me to create one. So I went on
and gave my user name as [email protected], but it was already
taken. Before this day I thought I was the only one by this name and was visibly shocked that it was being used by someone else in the neitizin world.

Nevertheless my friend told me to keep a ‘cool’ e-mail id as girls are more
attracted towards such names. So this is how justvicky84 was originated. First
it was on Yahoo and after few years the same was on Gmail. What do people say
β€œsome learn from their first mistake” but I am the original one who never learns from his first, second or last mistake.

This is my mail id for the whole world now
except for my employer as I had to make a decent one for them in my college 4th
year. So now a days I am chatting with my friends faizan4u, cutiepie_rana,  nextdoor_amit. They all seem to have had a similar story behind such entertaining ids till date.

I am sure you all must have
similar kind of Ids so please do share so that it can be little less
embarrassing for me and my friends.                    


 more mistakes to follow in next posts πŸ™‚

this post has been written by husband dearest who can be contacted on twitter at Vikas_Agarwal18
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