Alas!! The mother is revealed on Mother’s day. The irony of course is quite apparent but the disappoint should not be!

As a fan of How I met your mother for now over eight years and eight seasons the validity of mother firstly being revealed on a social networking site and also it being a new person somewhere dilutes my excitement.

I wanted it to be a bit contorted some old flame who comes back or Robin turns around and decides to be with Ted. Now you would say that was not possible, as we know in eight seasons through Ted that he met his future wife after Barney and Robin’s wedding. But then he never mentions that they did get married so my guess was always that Robin had a change of heart. I am a die hard fan of Robin and well I seriously thought she had a good chance.

Now well the cat’s out of the bag and we now know that how I met your mother will see a formal end and perhaps have a sequel called After I met your mother. Though I am sure that would be more of drama than comedy (speaking from personal experience of marriage 😛 )

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