At twenty six a lot of things happen in your life. A lot of them. And mostly they are things you don’t wish for. Lets quickly capitulate them:

You are either getting married or in the highland area of preparations for it (Relationships, arrange marriage proposals, break ups and what not!)
Your career is most probably quite stagnant now. The initial rush of joining a new job has been over by at least two to three years and even the thrill of squandering away money has been washed away.
Then of course look around you are not planning to do some great things while others are planning to start their own company.
This my friend is the time you need only one thing. Like minded people. Yes you heard me right! And if you are still guessing, I am twenty six 🙂 
Let’s quickly capitulate these like minded people! And check their eligibility to be a part of a We Chat group.
Please click on it for better clarity!
 Now now I know Rakhi Sawant is not twenty six but well she fitted in all other criteria except for age (joblessness, marriage proposals).
Moving on, the excel sheet clearly defines the requirements to be a part of the chat group. Anvita, Zoya, Priya my friends. And Vikas Agarwal my husband (blush blush). 
Still if you want a taste of what it would be like to chat with them, check below:
“I am going to resign I have had enough of this place,” – Anvita

“I resigned,” -me

“What! When!” -Zoya

“Listen forget about all of that. Do you think we should party tonight?” – Priya

“Richa why did you resign? Now what would you do?” Anvita

“I got a new job with forty percent hike,”- me

“I will never get out of this place,”- Anvita

“Arre cheer up if nothing works out you marry me,”- Vikas

“Marriage! Someone spoke about marriage. I am ready. I will hold a swamyavar you take part. I will rig it for you. I love you. You are my soulmate,”- Rakhi Sawant

“Ummmm, I was joking. I am married. My wife is the one who got the forty percent hike,” -Vikas (chattering almost now!)
If you haven’t noticed Rakhi Sawant’s joblessness had “Madly in love with job” which is highlighted, for everyone who want to be friends with me remember hating your job is a prerequisite for this. If you love your job please don’t apply for the We chat group, you are automatically disqualified. 
Rakhi Sawant is allowed because as much as she loves her job she is still jobless (which is then okay with us!)
Now I know you people are disappointed because lets face it because of one or the other criteria you people failed.
Achha okay improve on the way and yes if you feel you need some help always visit WeChat’s Youtube channel 

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