What is the 7x7x7x7 Writing Prompt?
  1. Grab the 7th book from your bookshelf.
  2. Open it up to page 7.
  3. Pinpoint the 7th sentence on the page.
  4. Begin a poem/a piece of prose that begins with that sentence
  5. Limit it in length to 7 lines/7 sentences.

The seventh book in the shelf was “The Motorcycle Diaries” and the line on the seventh page is “he is nine years old”

“He is nine years old,” I replied slowly.

I followed the trajectory of his sight watching the boy running helter skelter in the green park.

“Its getting late I must go, Ramesh must be waiting for us,” I rose from the bench and began to walk briskly towards my son.

“Ramya, you called that night when I was boarding my flight to Sweden . There was something you wanted to tell me, you were sounding very frantic,” he spoke casually.

“Nothing nothing at all. Rohan Rohan come over here,” I called out a bit nervously.

“Doesn’t Rohan look quite a bit like me. And strangely enough its been nine years to that call,” he spoke these words looking straight into my eyes.

There was very little I could offer to speak beyond that.

Written it for Write Tribe on prompt 7X7X7.

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