So it was today that a great boy was born some odd forty two years back. The stress is on boy because well lets face it Rahul Gandhi has a long way to become a man for India. And it was his birthday!
People of India in honour of their future PM congress candidate (hoping!) decided to anoint this day as “Pappu Diwas”. A shocking godspeed like trend ran like fire on twitter. And of course some of the jokes that were generated were hilarious.

I know I know the prompt is on Birthday and I could have chosen some long forgotten memory or some like minded sentiment to appreciate the topic. But you see a very interesting conversation came up on twitter and boy(boy is stuck in my head!) my mind started to work. Look below as to what inspired me to write about our dear Pappu 🙂











Now when I woke up this morning I did what every sane normal person in today’s world should do, I checked my phone and I am a huge twitter addict so missed phone calls or text messages and I can stretch myself to say even whatsapp messages have less effect on me as compared to lost time on twitter news. Anyone who is a twitter addict knows what I am saying. On twitter you stay away for an hour and you realise you missed a lifetime there!

Well the post is very simple. It is an ode to Pappu Diwas. His holy highness birthday. And for that I am not going to use my creativity I am only going to bring you some of twitter news! It was a fun day so find below some of my hand picked tweets on the trend which became my personal favourites 🙂

Dear Rahul Gandhi,
Happy #BuddhuPurnima.
RT if you know what I mean. 😉 #PappuDiwas
Q: What does Rahul Gandhi and a beer bottle have in common? A: They’re both empty from the neck up. #PappuDiwas


Oye!today is Birthday of Rahul G.Many many happy returns to Congress Gen sec.Hope #pappu G will pass in 2014 🙂 #PappuDiwas
@SouleFacts The only problem we have with Pappu going abroad is that ………….he keeps returning to India #BuddhuPurnima #PappuDiwas
So how exactly did CONgi’s celebrate #PappuDiwas ?!! Did Suraj Thakur perform at the party or not?!! 😉
I hope you all had fun reading them. I know they are derogatory but then those of you on twitter know how much craziness occurs over there. Anyways I had fun reading quite a few of them. Now my favourite one was sometime back which goes like this. “Even congress has a democratic way of selecting PM candidate- a)Rahul Gandhi with french beard b)Rahul Gandhi with moustache c) Rahul Gandhi with clean shave ” I found it very funny 🙂
Well so much for twitter news, as you can see I am a huge fan of the medium. After blogging its my favourite internet activity. 
Signing off for now. Just thought to thank Raja Swaminathan and Ava Sury because of whom I got this instant inspiration to write about this as my post for the birthday prompt 🙂 
This post is written for Writer’s Post Thursday Blog Hop #81
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