Yes its true. We have a competition. And one which can see you getting in print. Don’t get so surprised, I am with you on this. The competition details are as per the following:

Write a story about a person you know or yourself centered around something that happened in his/her life.

That’s it. Its that simple. Of course its not that simple. The theme of the stories should be centered around things people did in the name of earning money. Yes the simple concept of everyday life where we go to office, run around our bosses some of us write, some of us blog, some of us innovate and so on. Yes that should be the central theme. Stories of people earning money and how.

Themes that can be touched upon are as follows:

faith/ believing in your dream
Life lessons
Overcoming adversities
Balancing work and home
Wearing many hats

Against all odds
Growing a business
Dealing with wanting to give up
Getting the investor in believe in you

Stories of Leadership
Outsourcing/delegation (outsourcing your weakness)
Work smart if not hard

When the going gets tough
Being an innovator

Building Team spirit

Having courage/Taking risks

Management – Time, people, stress, self

Change with the changing

There is a word limit. Maximum 1500 words and remember the following also:

The story needs to have a central issue which the protagonist solves or fights against. And all stories need to be action based, preaching or philosophies or words of wisdom will not be a good way of dealing this.
Things to note:

  1. The story will be published in a collection going to print by a very famous publisher (lets stick to that for now, no names)
  2. There can be as high as 40 and as low as 0 stories selected
  3. Remember I am not the judge
  4. Please visit each other’s posts and extend appreciation but most importantly critique.
  5. I myself will also give suggestions, tweaks ideas to people for their posts (please do accept it 😀 )
  6. I swear I will not push any story further or away, please do remember I am your friend for life, contests come and go (this line to be recalled at the time of results :D)
  7. Those of my friends who stumble on the blog and not have a blog can send your entries directly to me email address s[email protected] . It will be included in the competition 🙂
  8. Applicable only for Indian Citizens

If you still have questions, please leave them in comments section I will try my best to answer. If I don’t have the answer I will make sure I find them 🙂
In the end “All the best!!” 

Last date for submission is 31st July. And there is no end to the number of entries that you can send. 

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