And so the indiblogeshwaris made me listen to this wonderful instrumental from Rahul Sharma. And of course as always music flew into my mind and words began to churn. What I am about to write, will definitely surprise many but then that’s who I am. Always unpredicatable!
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Yes I love travelling. I enjoy it so much that sometimes inside my head I let myself walk down the barren mountains of Ladakh and then on other occasions I listen to the soft murmur of the ocean in Goa. All snippets of my travelling experiences over years.
I then tell myself that one day I will recite these stories of my life to my kids and grandkids and each one will have a new place to it. Each story about a different adventure. Each one with a flavour of life unknown till then.
Yes a nomad. That’s what I have always been called.
But then is it any different? Where is the unpredictability in this? Aren’t we all like this? Tell me?
Now time for some truth. Not that I haven’t been speaking the truth. But then truth is never the absolute truth and sometimes the false part is true in some cases. 

So lets take Nainital. I was excited about it for as long as a month and then we finally travelled to it. For a day I was all gaga and over the top happy. Then slowly slowly I started to miss home. I began to think of my laptop and my comfortable chair and my books. I thought why did I ever want to leave all of that?

I am forever in a conflict kind of situation. I know I love music but then after a while I get bored. I know I love travelling and well I have already told you the truth behind that too. Honestly the one thing I never ever get bored of is reading and writing. This has come down to me after a long long time. I have no issues in writing all day and reading along with it. In fact from morning nine today I have not even left my laptop.

So the video in the beginning was a wonderful treat and the visuals took me on a wonderful flight but then BAM slowly I began to feel insecure inside. I imagined myself travelling alone as much as Rahul does and thought I would miss home, would miss Vikas….

I wrote this for the lovely ladies at Indiblogeshwaris of which I am a part too. The prompt as you may have guessed was the ever melodious and handsome Rahul Sharma’s music 🙂

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