Just when we thought Arab spring is outdated we have another one strike back. The Egyptians who were previously considered to be one of the most progressive Islam dominated country is now in the news for all the not so good news.

Let’s quickly check the timeline of the past one year which has caused the land of pyramids to go jinxed for life:

For a long time we have seen our middle east in turmoil. Let us know why this is happening? Mubarak was ousted in style last year and this time the same fate met Morsi. Egypt has fallen into a habit of ousting Presidents it seems. The world is divided this time on this event. To many this is a pattern, democracy needs to be respected because unlike Mubarak Morsi was elected.

But is that the only story? Have the people been united by a behavior or Morsi had started to show strains of Mubarak all over again? A little bit of both, of course.

But all this has a cost. To you this is news to Egypt it is the never ending journey they have embarked upon to find peace in their country.

A quick recap of state of things: GDP 2.2 %, currency at 7 dollars (from 5.5) inflation 8.5 % Oil rises to 102 $ Domestic debt 85% of GDP (up from 65% in 2007)

But the people have been unaware of all of the above values.

Let’s capture the timeline in vivid pictures now.

This is the Tahiri square on 8th February 2011 above and This is Tahiri Square on 27 November 2012 on right                                                                                


A woman holding a protest card against Mubarak above and  A graffiti against Morsi in protests on right


 Fire crackers at the end of the ouster of Mubarak above and Fire crackers at the end of ouster of Mosri on right


An army truck put to fire in Mubarak protests above and An army truck patrolling after ouster of Morsi on right                    


The Egyptian flag being raised against Mubarak above and
The Egyptian flag being raised against Morsi on right


As can be seen from the pictures, the story has been quite similar the object is same and yet the target has been changed from Mubarak to Morsi. This is what Egypt has done as rehearsals twice. Now one is waiting to see if there is going to be another one who faces the course of history again.

And to end the story on a funny note by one and only Ramesh Srivats 🙂 :

Adly Mansour sworn in as interim president of Egypt. Hmm. Mubarak, Morsi, Mansour. I see a pattern here. C’mon Mulayam Singh Yadav. Put try.
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