What did I learn in life? Will things I do be the teaching for someone else? Man and woman know not what happens to them tomorrow and yet they survive. Why would it be? Its because we are cognitive beings. We see from our eyes hear from our ears, feel from skin (and heart) and also taste or smell things. It sends us signals. We learn. We adapt and often we allow others to follow us too.

As a woman I have of course taken a long journey from being a daughter to a wife now. And in this journey there have been many people who prepared me for this journey. My mother of course who set up an example par excellence. She was someone I always thought ready to take on anyone’s world but so busy in handling ours that she never got time. A highly educated person who gave up everything to be with us, to take care of a house which always needed cleaning, always demanded her attention.

What did I learn from her? I learnt to live my life for myself. If not all the time then definitely a few moments snatched away. She is not with me today. And perhaps she is watching me from up there, but I would want her to know that I get it now. I know what it was like to have responsibility to realise that if you slept for a few hours world might not break away. I get it I now understand why you always smiled when I asked you to take a break. But then its because I know what happened to you in the end, how it all fell on your shoulders finally taking you away from us that I will find time for little things. I will live for myself only so that I can live a bit longer for those who love me.

My dear dear old man. He is what movies should be made up of. A dad who always wanted his daughters to live their life irrespective of their gender limitations. He fought with many over it. All those things they now talk about on television and newspapers and where not he has been speaking them all his life. A man who stood up to his own family to never again say why he has two daughters? Who argued with one and all about the importance of giving women their rights, the freedom to choose their man and best of all to live their life as they wish to. To wear things they want to, to travel the world and space and wherever they wish to.

If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be sitting here and writing this article. I would not be aspiring to be a writer or a anything in life if it was not the confidence he imparted to me. Anytime I have a chat with him he is buzzing with ideas for me. He is always up for me taking up a new challenge.

Then there is of course times that I imagine myself propped up in a room imagining what my life would be without these two. I get scared. They are what made me today. I want to bring them to almost anyone I know. And so today I would like to say if there is a concept of “do right” in my life it is because of them. Whether it is right or wrong I do not know. But yes for me their ideals and principles account for whatever life I wish to lead today tomorrow and perhaps forever.

In the words of my dear dear friend (I love him enough to call him that!) Randy Pausch I did strike upon “parent lottery”.

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