Entertainment. Entertainment. Entertainment. And some sleaze and drama and perhaps a little bit of fun. I would say that’s all what’s needed to hook on the poor soul of a viewer onto your channel.

In a world where TRPs rules and content takes second place to that what is that one idea which may work? One really doesn’t know. When India TV started to show cows milking away tons of buckets and birds who could speak many would have ridiculed the idea on paper. But then no honey, don’t write off the Indian spectator just then!
So here I am going to put on my thinking hats (no no Edward Bono not six thinking hats! That’s for management classes remember?) and be the decision maker on what makes the cut!
Three ideas for a reality TV show!
1)Tu Tu Main Main – Mothers and daughters tied by the law together under one roof for only twenty four hours. And yes every hour we have an elimination. And at the end the winners (one from MIL and the other from DIL) get to be each other’s mother/daughter by the law for life 😀 😀
2) Hakuna Matata–  Twenty tribals from various corners of the country to live under a roof and to be tested on their adaptability in mainstream lives of people. 
3) Chor Police– Twenty notorious criminals with the twenty policemen who helped nab them and through a process of elimination to identify one winner who gets to be the Commissioner of Police 😀 The eliminated policemen to serve half the imprisonment of the criminals they caught 😀 😀
The ideas have been jotted down. But the one which really clicked for me was of course the Hakuna Matata 😀 😀 
Hakuna Matata!!
The show will comprise of tribals selected through an IQ test with the lowest twenty making the cut! What will be the tasks like? Well a month’s time will be what they have to endure. And every week there will be a task and the task will be the basis of judgement for three eliminations. 
Week One– The finishing school. The basics of living and dressing will be taught all through the week and the elimination will be on the basis of a three people judge panel decision. Anyone wanting to know who those three people would be? Rakhi Sawant (my all time favourite!), Anil Kapoor (for his raw manly look) and of course Rahul Gandhi (he is India’s most talked about bachelor, we need his appreciation. Also Rakhi Sawant still looking out for that groom 😛 )
Week Two–  Get yourself a job. Now for one entire week we will teach them various trades and then they need to go our and get themselves a job. The one who gets the highest paying job is the winner. The bottom three eliminated! 
Week Three– Get yourself a girl! Yes for whole week we would teach them basics of romance and then they need to get themselves a girl. Those who don’t get eliminated as it is. And the rest who get will be judged only on the basis of one question “Dump them now and the person’s whose girlfriend cries the most. Wins!” Its a matter of heart so we would make emotions speak.
Week four– We will allow them to continue in their job, flirt around have fun. Party go out. In the sense live a normal plain human life. At then end of the week, the top three performers left in the batch will be eliminated. Remember mainstream life doesn’t need or like heroes, they all want nerds. Lesson number one.
Week five– Now we are in the final run up to the week. We would ask them to forge bonds with each other, live the life they have been living. Go out and marry if they like. Prepare for a life they need. And yes at the end of the week- the one who is not married, who is earning the least and who is hating this human life will be announced the winner. Because remember we need men who crib who complain who are unhappy. Happy men often become difficult to stand. Who likes optimism! 
And the rest of them are sent back to their hometowns to teach the rest the corrupt ways of man!
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