“See its a strange case, we have no choice. Either mother or child. Only one can be saved”- Doctor.

This five foot eight inches man breaks down. His only wife of not even ten months is now in grave danger. Nobody in the family or hospital knows what to do. No body has a clue!

“This paper here, you need to sign. And please specify whom do you want to save,” doctor has to perform her duty. And so she does.

This man cries a bit more. He screams at the doctor, “Kiski bachana chahunga main.

An old lady walks slowly to the doctor, “That woman inside my daughter. We will save her, please let me sign.”

                                   *                                             *                                       *
“Good news. We saved both. Baby and mother both healthy. Baby is in the incubator for now,” doctor narrates this in the same monotonous voice she used before.

Yes, I was born among much bollywood drama. My father could not stop crying for long. And well my mother who was thankfully unaware of all the brouhaha, was happy to bear a child.

                                   *                                                  *                                    *
You know how it all works, love marriages. People get married and then before they know it they have a daughter. My parents hardly had any time to travel, to go out, to meet friends. My mother got pregnant the very next month of marriage. So they worked out a solution. They left me all of six months at my grandmother aka nani’s place.

I was the first born in the family. Needless to say I was pampered like there is no tomorrow. People around often thought my mausi was my mother, because my actual mother was always absent from the scene.

After a while I returned and the good times ended. My parents were staunch believer of obedient not so happy kids.

Times changed and from one year to the other me Richa Singh turned out to be one helluva bright kid. I stood first in every class, later of course that dropped to top three. And then a trained classical dancer, a classical singer and an avid reader.

Many a times I used to hear people say to their kids, “Richa ko dekho kitni achhi bachhi hai.

My mother used to be stopped in school by random parents who would say , ” Aap Richa ki mummy hain. Humne itna suna hai uske baare mein.

After many years a diametrically opposite incident happened. My father visited a friend who said “Our daughter studies in Galgotia.” Same college as me.

My father knew I had been having way too much fun in college and so to prove it to himself, he called this girl and said, ” Meri ek dost ki ladki padhti hai Galgotia mein. Richa Singh naam hai uska, third year mein hai. Jaanti ho usse?”

You know what she replied? “Usse kaun nhi jaanta,” with a hint of smirk.

My heart alone knows how many times I was lectured on this. My old man would go, “ Kis bacchhe ke baare mein aisa bola jaata hai?”

I would be like, “Papa she meant it in a good way. You know how I always take part in extra curricular activities.”

Beta hum bhi college gaye the,” dad’s favourite reply.

                                 *                                                    *                                                   *
Why am I eligible to be Royal baby? Because I was born among much fanfare, people talked about me a lot. Like Harry potter the boy who survived 🙂 And then like Prince Harry who started off well but then turned into the Royal Brat, “Usse kaun nhi jaanta.”

                                                           Find me in the bunch!

This has been a fun memory down the lane, I know all of you are forever dying to know more about me. 🙂
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I wrote this for Indiblogeshwari’s That Tuesday Thing!

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