A lot of things happen around this blog. I mean there is always some prompt or a contest or a project which is perhaps a fellow blogger’s initiative. And so right in the middle of all this poor ‘The Philospher’s Stone’  feels confused. It feels left out. I mean the hoopla around it  is so much that it gets lonely. And so mommy dearest came up with a plan. A brilliant one! She is now going to have a weekly journal which will chronicle all the activities son is going to be a part of. And also mommy dearest reads a lot of blogposts and finds quite a few of them worth mentioning. So if that happens, they will be featured here. 

Mommy dearest will try to cover as much as possible but she doesn’t guarantee that she will read through the whole of blogosphere. But yes she will try to bring as much as she can read. 

Here is one of the first of  “Blog Turner”.
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Blog Turner- 12th Aug-18th Aug

On going events across the blogosphere
Tribe Whispers

For many of you Chinese whispers is a game. A game which shows a distinct side to narrations passed on from one human to another. Like you Ayush Chauhan also became intrigued by this game and decided to put up a small experiment involving a story, a narration. He decided to involve people to narrate a story. Simple. Ahhh not so, the story was to be told like a relay race, with each part announcing the onset of the passing on of baton. Scared? They were also before embarking on this. Why not try reading at least? Find out more Whispering A Secret.
Write Tribe Wednesday Prompts
This is a regular prompt for this blog. And so this one will be surely featured around here. Its very simple, each week they put up a new prompt and that too on a Wednesday. This blog almost always tries to participate. Well this week the prompt is Free to Create.
Sugandha’s 30 Days 30 Books
Sugandha is following a wonderful project where she is going to review thirty books in thirty days. Its something that is a great initiative and she is also inviting guest posts. So what are you waiting for, go check this one out at 30 days 30 books!
Indiblogeshwaris Tuesday Thing
This is a weekly prompt, which again features on this blog a lot. This is announced each Tuesday and yes the prompts are always very innovative! This week’s prompt is Sepia Tones Go read some interesting entries or better participate!
Project Heroes
At Hundred works, there is another project ongoing. They are collecting your superhero stories and getting you prizes for it. Yes its a contest! And there are no losers, each entry gets something! Go go go, find out more at Project Heroes.
Forthcoming Events

Write Tribe Festival of Words
Come 1st of September, we have a week long festival of blogging on at the write tribe site. No prompts nothing. Just plain simple seven days of blogging and of course reading. This one will be a great way to connect with people and also channelise one’s own writing on individual blogs. What are you waiting for go get yourself registered at Festival of Words.
Harry Potter Festival
Starting this Sunday, a Harry Potter Festival is going to start at The Philospher’s Stone. The theme is Harry Potter. For the festival you need to get your favourite Harry Potter part and re read. I am kidding, that’s only if you want to. Some of us I know are going to do so. The festival is not only about fans. Its about having the potter mania under one roof. The ones who are touched by it and those who are not. Let this festival be a case of “Potters Versus the Non Potters”. The festival starts in two days and you can write all sorts of things as long as it touches the word “Harry potter”. If you come up with an innovative idea do share here in the comments so that the rest of us can get influenced by it and perhaps join you! What are you waiting for, put on your thinking hats and start planning. You could write on ” What makes Potter your favourite?” Or ” How much you hate the Pottermania struck people”. Let the creative juices flow…
Blogposts you cannot skip
And this week we found a blogpost which struck us as worth being shared here. Perhaps you might like to read too. The post is here: The Prisoner and the Monk by Tomicha Matheikal. 
He has recreated an excerpt from the book Dalai Lama’s cat. It comes at the right time on Independence Day. The message embedded is a great landmark for the consumerism gripped Indian society. 
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