Twelve o’clock. And drum rolls. And also some people are dancing. Some are flying around on brooms others are chasing these flying people by hitting them with brooms. Yes so the festival is not about have and have nots, because we all have brooms. Its the battle between flying and sweeping brooms. Its between those who believe brooms can save life and those who plan to gift it to their wife (bad joke, I know!)

The theme is the phenomenon. The phenomenon which made a debuting publisher bloomsbury a success and made a woman writer a billionaire. A boy who survived our superhero and and a game we read about our favorite sport. Houses that became more important to us than our own red, green and blue. And a world which we muggled welcomed as if our very own. How every platform reminded us of a 9 3/4 and how every owl suddenly looked like a pet.

But then wait a second if this world has the Modis and the Gandhis, then it does have the Potter and the Pottery. The section of people who think Pottery is a greater art than the Potter mania. Those who feel the billions awarded to Rowling were a waste of money. How perhaps the brooms were better suited for cleaning and how still rats and owls are animals not to be petted.

This debate is endless I know. The world as we see it is divided. There is much to say and tell. So people bring it on. Those under the stair cupboard rattles with noise and yet there are people who wish to keep it shut. Why not tonight we show it to the world that there can be a bigger debate than the have and the have nots, the Modis and the Gandhis and of course the males and the females. The world as we see it has an agenda, the Potter mania is not only about love. There is an equal amount of hate. But then did we leave out indifference? If they say opposite of love is indifference, let us bring those stories where you didn’t want to read Harry, where you felt it was over rated.

I am superbly excited to hear you guys. I want to know how it began or how it didn’t. Which character moved you and which visual shooed you. I want to know, I want to hear. Because the world as we know it is divided into two…

The Festival is flagged off…

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