Sixty words! Yes exactly sixty words. When Mrs Young returned our first precis writing test copies, the results were very interesting. Only ten percent had achieved the passing marks and that too they had received exactly a four out of ten. Rest of us had flunked the test with flying colours. 

It was back then at fifteen that I first understood. The trick of the trade is to write a shorter format. A short story is any day more difficult than a novel. And if there is anything that makes my head turn the most its a 55er. It was in blogging that I came across this style of writing and needless to say, it left me wanting for more. Quite literally.  

Today as a part of Write Tribe’s prompt, I present my humble attempts of 55 fiction. 
                                              *                                      *                                    *

The blood on her lips spoke a story. It was not the first time. 

I walked in and sat next to her. She only stared at me with that strange expression. 
The bruises on my hand spelled an end. She knew what I had done.
Still,I had to tell her. 
“Mother, I killed Dad.”
                                                   *                                           *                                     *
Flying high
The flight had just about taken off. I was reading a magazine when a flight attendant appeared and spoke, “Mam would you please follow us?”
I nervously extracted myself out.
Before I could ask more she took me inside the cockpit. 
“Will you marry me?” Arun’s sweet smile and words brought tears to my eyes. 
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