“She keeps wanting to talk to you,” my mother in law spoke softly into the phone.

I wasn’t even married back then and speaking to your future MIL’s maid sounded a little weird. I mean the long list of aunts, uncles, brothers sisters had not quite gotten over and we had more. But we all know as women soon to be married how a ‘no’ to your future home boss in a love marriage can be a potential hazard.

“Hello, Bhabhi how are you,” came stuttering words from the other side.

I smiled to myself, the attempt to impress was so obvious.

“I am good beta and you?” I answered equally enthusiastically.

                               *                                                  *                                              *
The first time I met Rinku, she was eighteen and I was a newly wed woman in the house. I was still dressed in my bridal attire and this girl ran around me helping unpack the large suitcases as quickly as anyone could.

Rinku, coming from a family of three daughters, she had to work to help her father survive through. All three worked but not all three studied. Rinku was the only one who did. Of course my MIL had told me that she is pursuing her graduation but beyond that I knew nothing.

“Bhabhi, I wanted to talk to you about something,” one warm wintery afternoon she came to me.

I nodded slightly.

“What do you think I should do next,” she asked, keeping her voice low.

“What are you doing presently?” I asked.

“I have completed first paper of CA and pursuing B.Com on the side,” she answered politely.

I was stunned, I knew she was studying but had no idea that she was pursuing a CA.

“That’s great! You can now groom yourself to get a job then,” I spoke.

“I am already pursuing an O level course in Java and also learning how to speak english,” she replied, still keeping the tone humble.

But I was amazed, how can someone of her stature imagine all this and even succeed. I know I had no rights to draw conclusion based on her position but then yes I was human in that moment. Her present conditions reflected certain limitations and I unconsciously remembered them.

“Rinku you are already doing great, you are in fact way ahead of your years,”I replied smilingly.

“I am joining a typing class tomorrow as well. I saw you typing on your laptop yesterday and thought I should know it too,” she quickly said.

When I saw the prompt, ‘to write about our househelp’ I could only think of Rinku. She stands out so much in the long line of people I know. Whenever someone tells me that they have issues or limitations blocking their dreams, she is one of the people I often think of.

Rinku is now nearing the end of her graduation. Last I heard, she had plans. They don’t just stop at a CA, there is more in the pipeline. A government job, a better home for family and yes a peaceful life for herself. I pray to God that she can find her self a great job and a great man who can perhaps take her dreams and spirit to a next level.

                                          *                                                *                                              *
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