A lot of things happen around this blog. I mean there is always some prompt or a contest or a project which is perhaps a fellow blogger’s initiative. And so right in the middle of all this poor ‘The Philospher’s Stone’  feels confused. It feels left out. I mean the hoopla around it  is so much that it gets lonely. And so mommy dearest came up with a plan. A brilliant one! She is now going to have a weekly journal which will chronicle all the activities son is going to be a part of. And also mommy dearest reads a lot of blogposts and finds quite a few of them worth mentioning. So if that happens, they will be featured here. 

Mommy dearest will try to cover as much as possible but she doesn’t guarantee that she will read through the whole of blogosphere. But yes she will try to bring as much as she can read. 

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15th Sept-22nd Sept

100 words on a Saturday

Again this time round we have a fresh prompt for 100 words on a Saturday. Last time it saw many of us coming together to celebrate the spirit of being ‘truly alive’. This time’s prompt will see many of us talking about the theme ” If only you were here “. So this time round go ahead and take part in this quick write up and make sure you do read the others who have brought their heart and soul to this week’s prompt.

Free Write

How many times have you ranted on your blog and thought no one would bother to read a word? I am sure many of you have lost the count. Well here we have a blog which is allowing you to do that and be joined my many others in your efforts. This time we have a theme where we can write aimlessly, endlessly and publish that post for many others to enjoy. You can write and read others at Free Write.


This amazing set of women bloggers come together and create many interesting prompts. This time round too they had an eventful “That Tuesday Thing” writing on “Pet peeves”. And before you know it this Tuesday again they will have a new theme. Some very heartfelt and some crazy posts come together to write for their themes. Well this time round come and join these blogger friends at That Tuesday Thing

Ultimate Blogging Challenge

A while back The philospher’s Stone had participated in the Ultimate blogging challenge which brought people together through blogging for a month. It was very constructive. It brought out some very interesting themes. And this time too it will participate. The concept is very simple, this time round too for an entire month of October, blog each day. A line or two also counts. And post that read others who are participating. Its some great fun! Find out more at Ultimate Blogging Challenge

31 posts in 31 days

And then we also stumbled into another daily challenge. This one is a bit different. It needs us to blog each day but there is a catch. It needs one to have a central theme to all 31 posts. Yes this October besides Ultimate Blogging Challenge there is a new daily blogging theme on. Its called 31 posts in 31 days. This has been on for now five years and many of the bloggers managed to release their own ebooks while taking part in this challenge. And some of the themes chosen in previous years have become quite a hit across blogosphere!

Blogposts you cannot miss!

This time its humour which has caught our attention! This week saw some very interesting posts on the go but one which has become quite a rage this side is our very own Maggie’s Fish Jokes. This woman who has managed to impress me on all quarters this time took me on a different trip with her humour. It is something I do believe you cannot miss! In fact many of us have decided to create a chain mail for it. Well go ahead and have a hearty laugh!

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