A lot of things happen around this blog. I mean there is always some prompt or a contest or a project which is perhaps a fellow blogger’s initiative. And so right in the middle of all this poor ‘The Philospher’s Stone’  feels confused. It feels left out. I mean the hoopla around it  is so much that it gets lonely. And so mommy dearest came up with a plan. A brilliant one! She is now going to have a weekly journal which will chronicle all the activities son is going to be a part of. And also mommy dearest reads a lot of blogposts and finds quite a few of them worth mentioning. So if that happens, they will be featured here. 

Mommy dearest will try to cover as much as possible but she doesn’t guarantee that she will read through the whole of blogosphere. But yes she will try to bring as much as she can read. 

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1st Sept-8th Sept
Write Tribe Festival of Words

And the much awaited week long festival got over. There was some great fun in it. We all enjoyed the themes, the comments and of course the wonderful opportunity to connect with others 🙂 If you have missed taking part then I must recommend going back and reading the wonderful posts that got collected under it. Starting from Day 1 to Day 7
Letters Unsent
This is still on till about wednesday. And I believe must be visited on all accounts. It will surely bring back some unspoken memories, words and most definitely emotions to your paper. When last time we had picked up the dear old best friend to write to this time its a tad bit different (or opposite). The person you need to write to is ” A stranger who made an impression on you/ someone you judged on your first impression”. Again this one will be a great outlet of some pent up feelings. Don’t brood anymore get to writing at Letters Unsent #2 
Indiblogeshwaris That Tuesday thing
Mentioned earlier too, this prompt begins each Tuesday and lasts for a week. A lot of great posts come under this. This particular group of bloggers always have interesting ideas up their sleeve and often they make you get addicted to their enthusiasm and even craziness 🙂 What are you waiting for go check Indiblogeshwaris for some great fun and blogging!

Who has not heard of this in the blogging world? Its the coolest of coolest series around. A typical for the people by the people democratic way of selections. The Philospher’s Stone was a regular at it pre sabbatical stage and thoroughly enjoyed it. It needs people to get their thinking hats on and cook up a perfect post. This blog knows all about it because it used to do this each time 🙂 If you are interested in prompts and contests, this one is a must do! Blog-a-ton
This is another of those prompts which surface every now and then on blogs. One of the most popular Haiku prompts, it has many interesting topics and also some great reads to go through. This blog was also once an active member of this. Now due to paucity of time unable to participate, soon it might reach there once again 🙂 For all you Haiku lovers do check Haiku Heights
Maggie’s Everyday Writing

Sometimes we must support people only because they are doing it so passionately and not really for popularity or for visibility. This is Maggie’s philosophy for writing each day of this month. No challenge nothing at all. Let us all support her by perhaps visiting her blog giving her tips and even supplanting her with prompts or ideas! The 2AM Writer!
Post you cannot miss!

And through Write Triber’s favourite posts this blog found many worthy of re-reads posts. Out of all the writings, one which stood out the most was Privy Trifles’ Post returned undelivered . It is a very unusual letter from a daughter to a mother and believe me there will be a part of you which will relate to it. An absolute must read from my side.
Newbies you cannot miss!

Anshul Chaurasia’s blog Diaries of a serial traveller He is presently been writing a wonderful travel fiction and I believe before it gets down more parts we all must play catching up. I can assure you it will keep you enthralled!!
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