A lot of things happen around this blog. I mean there is always some prompt or a contest or a project which is perhaps a fellow blogger’s initiative. And so right in the middle of all this poor ‘The Philospher’s Stone’  feels confused. It feels left out. I mean the hoopla around it  is so much that it gets lonely. And so mommy dearest came up with a plan. A brilliant one! She is now going to have a weekly journal which will chronicle all the activities son is going to be a part of. And also mommy dearest reads a lot of blogposts and finds quite a few of them worth mentioning. So if that happens, they will be featured here. 

Mommy dearest will try to cover as much as possible but she doesn’t guarantee that she will read through the whole of blogosphere. But yes she will try to bring as much as she can read. 

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8th Sept-15th Sept

Weekly Photo Challenge

All you photographers, this challenge is a must do and in fact sees a lot of activity on the blogging front. It brings together many people acorss the globe to click and post a photo together. If you have your cameras ready and motivation in tact , go for this one now!! Weekly Photo Challenges

100 words on a Saturday

The shorter it gets, its more difficult to write. Every second Saturday there is a prompt and we get to write a fresh post on different topics. But then it all comes down to limiting to hundred words. It is here that I came to know how drabble can be twisted around in all sorts of ends. So go ahead and write hundred words on this prompt and also read others who have posted there!100 words on Saturday


Each week this journal features them and each week they also come up with very interesting topics for “That Tuesday thing!”. Some very interesting ones. For example this week (only a day and a half left!) the prompt was food stuff 😀 😀 Now you may not write but reading these lovely posts might give you some creative ideas for your kitchen!Indiblogeshwaris

Blog for a cause

But what makes things more special is when fellow bloggers initiate their own festivals and brings people together. This time too we have a fellow blogger Sugandha who has started a theme on her blog called “Blog for a cause”. Its very simple, she is asking all of us to write for a cause and link it back to her post! I think this one needs all of us raising our hands and lining up our write-ups there Blog for a Cause

TSBC Book exchange programme

Yes its what I call my idea of a dream come true. Now we have moved a step further than just talking about books on TSBC. In one of the first of its kind we have TSBC bringing to us a book exchange programme. And we all know how much fun such things turn out to be. But the icing of course is that this time you are sending books to strangers!! What fun!And that too Secret Santa kind 🙂  Find out more here The Great TSBC Book Exchange Programme

Blogposts you shouldn’t miss!

You know how we keep cribbing as to how we need more time to travel, more money to travel and what not. This one travel blogger made me happily surprised. It made me realise that we all only need to understand what we need to do and then rest is history. I will not speak more and so go ahead read it here

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