Dear Husband,

Continuing our Letters Unsent series, the prompt for this fortnight is to write a letter to :
 Your current love/ spouse/ crush or Your ex-love/ spouse / crush 

So you have got it right? When I saw these lines on Write tribe site, I couldn’t help but start writing a letter for you. I need to get this straight right away. This is not a love letter. No. I can hear you snore in the background wishing and praying I switch off the light. Its one fifteen on a Saturday night and yet there has been no change in your behavior. Clearly in this fight between sleep and wife, you have made your choice clear.

Moving on, as I said this is not a love letter. Then what is it? It is a complaint wish list. And we will very quickly get down to business.

I want to get a better hold of the car now. I am sick of watching your face make weird expressions each time I ask you take me out for some work. I do not like it one bit.

I also don’t appreciate it when you always try to be the funny man at my expense. When I laugh weakly I actually want to react real hard.

I am always trying to save face at home because you are so hell bent on complaining to my dad about most basic things. “She doesn’t drink milk at all.” “She doesn’t sleep on time” And worst is, “She hardly drinks water” All said and done my father is a strict man, you get your share of fun. I get my lectures plenty.

Writing is my life. And so is blogging. It requires to me to tweet and facebook for it. When you find me on twitter or facebook, no I am not wasting time I am working. It is part of the game. And so yeah, quit complaining and mocking me over it.

Sitting on the table and telling me to put the tomatoes and the onions back in the vegetable box is a lot more easy than actually doing it. So yeah, next time you see something out of order in the house, ummm please go and put it where it belongs. Don’t tell me to do it. 

When I suggest you a book, read it. This one kills me. Latest being Lowland. I love that book a lot and you telling me how predictable the story is not helping. Because I have seen on which page you are and only in next two pages you will know how your predicted end will fall flat. So again thank you bollywood king, if it was that filmy I would not have liked it.

TV. Television. My parents never asked me to quit TV for studies. Of course that meant I never made it to IIT like you. But then please don’t try to balance your TV devoid childhood now. I hate it and also I hate the fact that most lame Zee Cinemas movies become cheap thrill for you. Guess what been there done that at the age of fifteen, me. 

As much as you say you don’t, I know you sneak out my phone and play games on it. I also know you often try and download games on my phone without telling me. I can find my way through apps thank you, I will find out. And I really doubt you want to gift me an ipad this birthday to assist my blogging. I smell a fish from far. 

Last but not the least. Sleeping, eating and repeating the cycle is not cool. I need my husband to be better at other things. And I know you will not read this post up until the next afternoon. But I want to tell you this right now. Both our phones have a six o’clock alarm right now. Your running shoes along with your shorts and t-shirts have been placed ready. Tomorrow honey will be a brand new start. And yes I will make sure it happens. Remember its not for nothing they call me a control freak. 

Now and forever unfortunately yours,
Richu. (hoping this loving endearment remains after the run too)

Did you enjoy this? A wife’s rant against her darling husband. Well there are more of such kinds, not all of same nature some have romance too. But trust me all are a fun read! Go figure at Unsent Letters-4

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