When I happened to read in Vidya’s post Inspiring Stories. You Are Stronger Than You Think that she was inviting real-life stories to feature on her blog based on the theme, I could not stop myself. I instantly commented on her post that I might send in my bit.

And Vidya being the sweetheart that she is, sent across a mail to me saying I should not bother about the word count, if the length exceeds she will feature the story as a guestpost.

Vidya has three blogs to her credit, Your medical guideGoing-a-musing and my personal favourite Coffee with Mi. She has a way of connecting with readers through simplest of ideas. I remember when she wrote her post Happiness Jar, so many of us started to practice the habit of maintaining a jar filled with little notes of gratitude. It is this about Vidya I enjoy the most, her way of helping us find meaning to everyday things.

She is one of my most favourite bloggers in this big wide cyber world. And someone who constantly brings to smile to my face with her words. 

I am now going to leave you with a teaser of the post I wrote for her, do hop on to her blog to read the rest.

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Though many untoward incidents dotted my life, some to make way for better things and some to make way for a better me, one incident that surely becomes the highlight of my life is the one I will narrate today.
I was six when I joined school. My final school. It was one of the most prestigious institutions in the country and my parents had high hopes. But for the first time in a long while, I felt like a misfit in a group. I am and was a gregarious kid and getting along with people was one of my favorite things. But here, I was all of six and could hardly connect to a single child around me.
One may want to know why?

read more here.
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How many times have you felt that an adverse situation helped make things better for you? Or that when little things didn’t work they made way for bigger ones? Like Vidya, I too believe that when the things get tough, tough gets going.. Connecting this post to my week’s theme ‘I believe’.
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