And after a long time husband finds time to indulge in his creative juices yet again! Without wasting much time I will hand over the baton to him and here he ready with one of his another ‘novel’ researches!

As many of you have read more posts by hubby, they know how he writes. Well for those coming to read his words for the first time, remember nothing needs to be taken seriously. If you do it is at your own risk 😀 😀

Very recently I read the famous Ram Chandra Guha’s interview The Nehru-Gandhi dynasty is clearly on its last legs. In that he had elucidated how with Rahul Gandhi’s lackluster personality the great political family’s future is now coming to an end.

It got me thinking. And then I switched on my IIT cum research cum husband mind on. Yes yes I know you all want to know how husband mind can bring about thinking. Well, it takes a lifetime to understand a woman and that too after you operate with 100% efficiency. So us husbands are secretly a part of Mensa. That is for another day, another post perhaps.

Moving on to more sensible things (ha! You wish!).

They say a picture is a thousand words, well I have two thousand words to help you understand what I understood from the understanding of the worlds where no one has ever been able to understand. Understood?

On the left is the great Gandhi-Nehru dynasty chart.

And on the right is great Kuru dynasty chart.

And yes some of you have started to see what I am going to speak.

A lot of the pictorial comparison can also reveal. But yes to put it clearly, try and overlap the two charts exactly. You will find that the story or the lineage fits in!

I have my points to support the theory.

Pandu, the real ruler of Kuru rashtra dies an unfortunate death. People of his land always felt he was more deserving. In this case too, Sanjay Gandhi though controversial was more involved with the running of country. In fact Rajiv Gandhi was never in the picture!

Moving on, why Priyanka Gandhi is the Dushala of Mahabarata. For two reasons, firstly she is a girl so daughter part fits in 😀 and secondly she will be the lone survivior if we see that Rahul Gandhi in his own words will be assassinated. His self professed “I will die like my father, grandmother” stories might just come true! Some of us pray they do.

But what makes this story more credible is Robert Vadra a.k.a Jayadradha. Jayadradha in Mahabharata was as notorious as the rest of kauravas. He is the one who plotted Abhimanyu’s killing and was finally killed by Arjun in the end. His lust for power is uncannily mirrored in Mrs. Vadra’s husband.

This is as far as my points of support goes. Of course I have more but some of them are too controversial to be posted. But yes if you have some other point of view or perhaps addition to my side do comment! We can create a modern mahabharta of our own kind. Alas we need a better Pandu in our case, Varun Gandhi seems to be equally lackluster. Can a certain Modi fit in somehow? 😀 😀

This article is written by husband dearest who can be contacted on twitter at Vikas_Agarwal1

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