It is with immense pleasure that I welcome Sugandha Agarwal to my humble abode. We connected this year through our love of writing and of course the now very famous “Ultimate Blogging Challenge” series. She too like me completed another one last month, this time joining the challenge with her thirty part story!

She is now fast becoming popular among us for the entertaining games that she initiates on her blog. The very recent one being Tweeting away. And my personal favourite where she asked all of us to write a sentence without using the letter ‘A’ anywhere! Yes that is what our Sugandha is all about. Her blog “Shades of life” is just like the name, having all shades of writing in it.

And here it goes, for the theme of “I travel” my darling friend puts in her words! And trust me you will thoroughly enjoy it and most definitely relate to it!

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Have you ever gotten into a situation where it was impossible to convince your parents for a trip with friends? 

I have, plenty number of times. And in a Situation where your parents are probably as scared as mine were what are your options?

I’ll tell you my options- 
1. Beg, beg, beg and emotionally blackmail (it mostly back fires though)

2. Don’t go (but what the heck, I won’t turn 18 every now and then)

3. Convince your friends to go somewhere for only a day (but haven’t I already seen all places nearby)

4. Tell them it’s an educational trip. (But an educational trip to goa??)

5. Don’t tell them. (Who will finance?)

6. Lie, find a good excuse (sounds good, except that there are chances of being caught)

I am sure you know what I chose. 

It was my first year of living independently, we four friends enthusiastically planned a trip to Goa  for new years.
We found the hotel and check the train an flight options, narrowed down to fight to Mumbai and then train and budgeted the total expenditure around ten thousand per head (of course we forgot the financier bit when we did this)

Only when I picked up the phone and called up my parents, I realised the gravity of the situation. While the phone ringed I could feel the sweat beads on my forehead and back.

Mom answered the phone and very lovingly asked my whereabouts. I have her those and spoke about various other things for next 10 minutes.

After a while mom said, “okay then, take care. You are coming home for your new year breaks right?”

“Umm. Mom actually there is a trip” I muttered.

The tone on the other end changed. “Trip during holidays? You think in first year of college you can go on a trip with friends?”

I was now panting, “no mom, it’s not like that. Actually it’s a college trip. (First lie)” my voice was barely audible.

My mother, as if to compensate for my low pitch, growled, “where are they taking?”

“Mumbai and goa” came a murmuring reply.

“Goa?” She growled back.

“No no! Puna I said, Pune!” My destination had changed. 

“Oh Puna. Okay? How much are they asking?” Tone had changed too.

“10,000” but I was quick to correct, but I can try for part scholarship. 

“Okay. But that’s expensive. Why so? Doesn’t your college get a discount?” She was somewhat reasonable.

“Mom you know how it is, my college has all those rich brats. They never say anything. I need only five thousand from you, I can manage other five from scholarship.” I was back to being the convincing self. 

“Alright. I’ll speak to dad.” And 5000 were approved.

But 5000 for Goa on New Years? If you have ever planned a trip, you would know.

The meeting was called again, we budgeted and brainstormed. My friend parents had refused outrightly. So we were 15,000 short. 

Result- revised destination to Jaipur. Stayed at a friend’s house and gave an entry of 2000 each for an army party. Where we realised that we were the only four who were below 35. You can imagine how my New Year’s Eve was…

I’d rather post it anonymously, but since it is a guest post I can plead Richa to not tag me on FB so that there are least chances of my parents finding out. 

Keeping my fingers crossed.

Disclaimer – lying to your parents about your whereabouts can be extremely dangerous (I’ll get back with more on that) and the above post should be treated as fiction (especially if you know the author personally)

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