Newsflash!! We have a review! And that too not a guest post πŸ˜› 

By God’s grace this blog has been bestowed with a lot of friends and hence it is always having people visiting. But then with weekend and an early morning time, it is lonely and hence will write a few words itself for the theme now! Yes yes don’t groan we will bring back the guests too in a while, until then bare with the lady of the house.

This post was written inspired by the Suitcase of Stories where we couldn’t get ourselves featured because it is a bag and they need a suitcase πŸ˜€

Now without speaking more we begin the review!
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bag was purchased by my friend Parv Kaushik from the Bangalore Comic Con. He
gifted me on my birthday last year. Ever since I have gotten it, I cannot help but
going and looking at it over and over again. It is sooo pretty! It was my BBM
picture for the longest time ever. 
It is supposed to be a bag, like a handbag.
But as most people know how super β€˜girly’ I am I hate carrying bags to malls or
shopping somehow.
I must make of it in some odd way. And then suddenly it became like a godsend
thing to my life. While travelling I carry my netbook, a diary, pens (plural)
and a minimum of one book per two days of trip. Often this goes on to be as
many as five books for one single travel. And yes! This is the awesome bag
which carries my soul, all these things together!
has now become my regular, everywhere I go or travel bag! It’s the most
convenient thing that happened to me! Because even while I am travelling and I
go sightseeing I need to carry my netbook, diary, books and pens along! Yes yes
as much as you are flabbergasted reading all this so is dearest husband. Who
cannot seem to understand why I have to read books sitting on random benches at
an interval of an hour at least.
that’s my bag story!!
But wait this is review week not some ‘praise thy bag’ week. So I need to review it.
Well it is very tough, it bears the brunt of my books, bags also a lot of times some sad times on the platform. Being kicked around or even dragged when the lady is in a foul mood. So yeah it has seen tough times and has survived. 
Then it is very spacious! It can also at times carry the lady’s sweatshirt, her extra t-shirts when she is too lazy to carry another bag to a place. You get it right? It is very spacious or in other words it has a large heart!
And her husband hates this bag. No no not for its looks but because this bag carries all the lady’s distractions. Right from books to notebooks to laptop and often lady forgets to speak for hours at end only because of the things the bag carries. So its like a mosquito, its carrier of disease. Bad joke? Don’t think much.
Yes it is an awesome bag. And no you cannot borrow it!
Like the lady it has two sides!
Statutory warning: This post was written when the man of the house had gone for an early morning friendly cricket match (I swear I don’t know what a friendly match means, remember Monica I am her evil twin- for me a match is only crazy hostility!) and the lady is sitting on the table eating the Juzt Jelly. Which by the way are also awesome and the whole bag of them have gotten over.
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