Hola! It is November. And winters in India are just starting to feel. A lot happened last month, with Diwali, my birthday another Ultimate Blogging Challenge and with it another novella which got completed. It was tough I agree. The whole thirty day writing took the life out of me. But then what is a challenge without a bit of struggle. I finished it and with it came a lot of ideas.

Yes my creative juices just kept working even past 31st October!

What we have now here is that all present posts will be divided as per the following:

I narrate

I travel
I read
I review
I believe

And we will have a seperate section of I, Me and The Philospher’s Stone. Which will of course  answer a lot of questions on blog and me.

Moving on. How will these sections work henceforth?

Come Monday there will be a theme for the week.

And each Monday will have a post on it.

But then what about rest of the week?

We will invite guest posts on theme. Also on my twitter id @richa_singh will all that week have tweets based on the theme.

And then next week the theme will change, a brand new post and along with it some new musings.

The order will be set soon and of course shared. Also there will be logos for each category.

Please note that I narrate will never be a theme of the week. It is always going to be on in this blog. And the fiction posts will be categorised under it.

So notice that there are four themes, rotating all through the four weeks of the month.

Another thing, we will have giveaways. We will have them randomly spread. Those of you who spread the posts or write guest posts on themes (blogger/nonblogger) will be eligible for it.

With each week in November, there will be more information and details coming forth for each week.

Here’s hoping all of you get actively involved and yes there will be a lot of fun stuff coming along.

Another announcement is that the novella written in October “The Unsent Life” is now released. And it is up for a free download at :The Unsent Life

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