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Because the only thing that gathers no moss and yet moves slow is your past.

It sticks with you forever not moving an inch anywhere. For some it acts like a dark reminder of what went wrong. And for many as the first lesson to progress right into the future.

When CorinneΒ shared with usΒ this postΒ it got me thinking. How many times have I got a chance to reflect on my life and perhaps create a takeaway from it? A lot of times. Have I written them down? Almost never.

And hence whenΒ VidyaΒ tagged me in her post, the opportunity to finally express in written words arose.

Eleven things every woman should write down before the year ends.

1. What younger you would like about present you?

A younger me would most definitely likeΒ love the fact that I am now more abrasive while dealing with unwanted people. That I am no longer the ‘yes woman’ or the ever so trying-to-please-everyone kind. I have suffered a lot as a child, always balancing people and friends who were basically forever trying to pull me down. Now I say no to such people and in fact as much as it hurts me, I often tell them honestly that they are not what I need in my life.

2. The watched/read it list

Last book I read was The Fault in our StarsΒ And as strange as it may sound, it made me feel old. It was a teenage love story and though I smiled, cried and enjoyed the story, I felt it was not my kind of read. And I realised that phase of genre for me is over.

Then yesterday I began Brave New World by Huxley. It was so gripping I raced through it. I could hardly put down the book. I still have it next to me while typing. Again it shows I have matured beyond a level in reading too. And I cannot go back to those younger times. Except of course for Harry Potter πŸ˜€

3. The Mistake you never want to make

Mistake of meddling in people’s matters or affairs. I feel I need to help and sort out the world’s problems. Which is often the main source of mine then.

Helping the world be one problem less might balance the remainder on your side

4. Your ideal outfit

Jeans, flip flops and t-shirt. And I am wearing my flip flops but not the rest because I am in a place where westerns can be an issue πŸ˜€ So yeah the world does form complications in my ideal life πŸ˜›

5. A deep, dark-Shh- secret

I have been thinking about it a lot off late. And I have slowly but surely formed my conclusion and in here I reveal it for the first time. I cannot love any one wholeheartedly. After a while I find faults, identify mistakes and what not in a person. No one remains perfect for long. And with that comes adulteration in my feelings too. And this is because I have lost that “unconditional love” element in me after my mother departed.

I have tried hard to run away from this fact but yes I have now accepted it. I feel very sad realising it but there is nothing I can do as of now to change it. I might perhaps get better with time. I might.

6. The most unexpected compliment you ever got

My dear friend Ayush once called me and said, “I tell my friends, I know a girl whose sense of humour is so good you will actually laugh at her jokes. Not pretend but laugh! For real! This girl is a keeper.” I know it sounds sexist (which it actually is up to an extent) but I too agree that girls suck at this whole funny thing. And often guys out of sheer politeness laugh at their jokes (and also providing them unwarranted motivation, making them for worse πŸ˜€ )

7. That one quote

I thought a lot about this one. And I tried to come up with something really deep, intellectual and complicated sounding. But each time my heart asked me to write this,

“Everything happens for our own good.”

All my life I have believed that every single flutter of a butterfly in your life too follows this quote. And it is only much later that we get the whys and the hows. So isn’t it better to accept it before?

8. The best surprise you’ve ever had

I was in college second year and unfortunately on my birthday eve I was traveling back home. Those of you who know me, know how much I value birthdays. And hence I knew that this time round I wouldn’t have my midnight surprises. I was very sad.

At sharp twelve, the friend I was traveling with asked me to accompany him to another coach. There, in one of the compartments, were streamers, cake, candlelight and almost ten people. There was a group of college seniors also traveling in the same train. And somehow they came to know it is my birthday at the platform. They together planned it all.

I had never spoken to any of them and hence them taking out time and putting in efforts for my birthday surprise was probably the best thing a set of strangers had done for me πŸ™‚

9. Your true happiness

My true happiness would be when I am in a nice little cottage which I can call home. A fireplace. Books, tea, cookies and probably pizza too. And yes friends I can enjoy deep silence with. And a scrap book filled with pictures of my world travel. And somewhere in a room a packed suitcase with a flight ticket to another destination, to another adventure. But all of this with the surety of coming home to this cottage, fireplace, books, tea, cookies and probably pizza and yes friends I can enjoy deep silence with.

10. Your favourite failure

A relationship. I am very happy it didn’t work out. I can never imagine my life with that person. Of course at that time I felt sad and depressed. But looking back I thank god for the blessing in disguise. It all worked out for better due to that failure.

11. An amendment to the bucket list

No one will laugh at this but I always wanted to get high, climb a bar top and dance to some random tune in front of a huge crowd. I now believe my vertigo is so bad I might not even manage getting on to the bar top πŸ˜€ I swear I want to do it but with every passing birthday it seems more improbable. And hence the ‘amendment’ to the bucket list πŸ˜›

I would now want to hear my darling friendΒ ShilpaΒ ‘s side of these eleven questions. I want her to reflect on her own trials and tribulations of this great circus called Life. And in turn she too must tag someone imploring them to share a part of their lives with us. The chain of love must not discontinue here πŸ™‚

And I connect this post withΒ Write Tribe’sΒ Wednesday prompt for ‘New year’.

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I still keep a tab of the weekly theme on the blog. Have no been able to devote much time in the past two weeks due to some family emergency. But this one fits so beautifully into the ‘I believe’ theme, which is also on right now by the way πŸ˜€

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