2013. Yes you have been a good guy for a change. A lot of downs quickly followed by many ups. Of course like all things in life I took time to put two and two together. But eventually almost every single event started to seem one better than the last one.
I kicked off my blog again this May. Yes only about seven months back. How strange it seems. I believe its been years I was writing, reading and interacting in this world. But no, only about seven months. And to think about it, this rejuvenation was a result of something catastrophic at work. Imagine! I cried and brooded over it for months but if it was not for that one isolated thing, I would not be here writing to you.
I met some amazing people these last few months. Formed friendships, joined innumerable number of secret groups. In fact my facebook activities sky rocketed precisely due to blogging! And now my homepage on laptop is actually the write tribe group 🙂 Often days go by before I check my FB timeline for updates and other things. 
Whatever it was I now realise (with greater faith) that everything happens for your own good
And it is this amazingly talented set of people who contributed towards an anthology too. In which your humble friend is also featured. 
click here to download
Thirty Six of us have contributed what we believe is some of our best writings for you to savour under one cover to cover ebook. I would recommend this as a must read and besides that also ask you to connect with each one of these bloggers through their writings here and at their blogs (links in the book). 
But this one cannot be wrap if I do not mention Vidya Sury who is the inspiration behind this idea and well also the one who finally complied it for us. In this endeavour our very own Vaisakh too pitched in his efforts. But nothing would have been possible had it not be ever so amazing, Corinne Rodrigues. This lady is the reason for a lot of whys in my life. Another day another post.
Now all year end posts should have a ‘Way forward’ too. Or so I believe.
And this time at ‘The Philosphers Stone’ you have another UBC thirty day writing challenge, starting from tomorrow!! Yes we are officially taking part in yet another monthly challenge! (I know some of you fainted). Now we are again going to be blogging a live story, I would love to have you here and express your comments/views/frustration whatever. But please do be here in some form or the other. I would even love if you can send me mail or facebook messages with all sorts of feedback. As a writer that is the one thing I thrive on. If you are participating in UBC this year, please drop your link in comments, will be featuring all of you in my posts regularly 🙂
I have yet another announcement. There is an organisation which has attracted me for quite sometime. And I have been thinking of donating there for a while now. I was about to donate on 1st of Jan when an idea clicked me. Recently I stumbled onto amazon.in and flipkart affiliates.
And I have decided that all earnings I gain from these will be forwarded to nanhi kali
My target is 2500 rupees which supports a girl child (from class one to five) for a year. This includes academic support towards improving learning levels, material support like uniform, bags, books, hygiene material so that she can attend school with dignity and social support. And hence not drop out.

In the process I will also received updates on her progress along with photographs.

How can you support me in this endeavor? You my friend can try and attempt to purchase books/electronics etc from amazon.in and flipkart through the widgets on my site on right. 

This way a part of your bill amount will be given to me as an affiliate commission. And that amount I will add towards a donation to Nanhi kali. The moment it adds up to 2500 (my first target) will donate and of course update here!
Happy new year! See you tomorrow with a fresh year and a fresh story brewing on the blog. May the best times be ahead of us my friends 🙂
And I connect this post with Write Tribe’s Wednesday prompt for ‘New year’.
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