And now today’s theme for Write Tribe is Food. It is funny and ironic because this is the first trip of my life where all the discussions started and finished with food.

How important is food while traveling? 

When we decided to plan a trip down south almost everyone warned us that we would have food issues. I am usually a frugal eater who only needs three regular meals no matter how small or big. My constraint for eating is only that I need something thrice a day that’s it. And I am good to go.

Frankly I was not boggled down by any one’s threat about food issues in South India. But of course I was wrong.

My in laws too traveled with us this time. And it was for them we were always out on a food hunting expedition. Being vegetarians they needed only indian veg food and also more importantly only at an all veg restaurant.

I had a tough time searching for one. Because almost all veg restaurants there served only south indian. Again something they didn’t like to eat much.

Cutting a long story short. I wish to know if food or eating is part of your trip planning? And more importantly while traveling should food be a side issue and perhaps enjoying the scenic beauty or places a bigger priority?

I will list down five things I always follow while traveling with respect to food.

1. I make sure I eat. I eat whatever falls in my way. Not eating means health/weakness issues and can most definitely be a spoiler for traveling

2. If I do not enjoy the cuisine of the place I try to go for brands. I hunt for McDonalds or Pizza huts which I am quite sure will be almost similar tasting across the world.

3. If I find a good place I bookmark it. I do not experiment (especially if it was hard to find) and keep going for my meals to the selected joints.

4.For me more than food tea is an issue. It is my own tried and tested method that all restaurants or hotels sell bad tea. I always go for tea corners or tapris and they have so far never failed me.

Best tea I had this trip. At Tirumala

5. More than food water is important. Having a mineral water bottle is more important to me than finding wholesome food.

Still I want to know if you too plan for eating while traveling? How important is it for you?

And also on that note the ‘I travel’ theme is kicked off!!

I am taking part in the Write Tribe Festival of Words 8th-14th December 2013 and this post has been written for Day 2 which has the prompt as food

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