How to put it? As per Sugandha her writer’s block instantly evaporates when there is a new theme up on my blog πŸ˜€ And am I complaining? Not at all. Thanks to this my blog gets to feature her more than once. And if this trend continues perhaps more and more in coming times. 

Sugandha writes at Shades of life and as I mentioned last time too, it literally has all shades of life. From motivation to humour to a lot of fiction, Sugandha’s blog is a one stop for all kinds of reads. I am very happy to say that in this big wide blogging world I have her as one of my special friends. We have connected over writing, books and a lot more. And yes the best has been her constant support whenever I embarked upon a new thing on this blog. 

Very recently when in one of the blogging groups we decided to have a reading club, Sugandha was the one who took the lead and promptly created one. I can safely say it is a great place to connect with other bibliophiles (more on that later perhaps).

Now handing over the baton to the ever so wordy, Sugandha Agarwal.

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believe in love.
believe in faith.
believe in prayers.
believe in hope.
believe in Karma.
believe in love because love conquers all. And when I say love, it isn’t the
everyday love that we talk about. I talk about purest form of love that is
selfless, giving, forgiving and have no ego. Believe me, it isn’t easy to
achieve. When we love, our selfishness does come in between. I believe that
pure selfless love has the power of turning tides and therefore, I push myself
each day to love more selflessly, be more giving. It is really tough. Our mind
is programmed to love ourselves the most and it takes a lot of energy to divert
all that to others. In my list of beliefs I put love at top, because like I
said love conquers all.
believe in faith because it is the foundation to love. It is easy to attain,
but can easily be shaken. One cannot fully love without having faith. Faith to
love is like foundation to a building. Stronger the faith, stronger the love.
Before I began to love, I trained myself to have faith. And when I say faith, I
mean the unshaken trust and faith in what I love. Of course faith is not blind.
Like Rumi puts the process of love – test, and then have faith, and then love.
have been an atheist in many senses. I did not believe in God and idols and
most of the rituals were mere formalities for me. But I believe in prayers. And
prayers do not have to be shlokas or verses of bible, it does not have to be to
Ram or Rahim, it doesn’t need flowers or candles. What I mean by praying is
silently communicating your request to the universe and to the divine energy. I
believe the whole universe works like a court of law. We need to make our
request to be heard, and if we are still not given justice, write a petition.
For those who remember Eat Pray Love, I fully relate to the part where she
writes a petition to God for divorce.
believe in hope because even in worldly court of law, it takes time. Only
because we cannot see the proceedings, does not mean court does not exist. I believe
in hope because hope is the support to faith and love. In the dark times, when
our faith and love is tested, hope is that ray which can keep us going.
believe Karma is our report card. Whenever we need our request or our petition
to be heard in the court, our report card of our deeds is checked before
consideration. This theory of Karma being my report card was always discussed
in my family and the idea is somehow stuck.
course there are times when I do not believe in some of the above, but by some
grace it doesn’t take long to re-kindle my faith.

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