The most southern I had ever gone to ,was Goa. Yes you can laugh. And so when hubby suggested a grand south trip I of course jumped with joy!

7362Kms. Yes the total travel of the trip was 7362Kms. And it took us ten days to finish it all. 
The itinerary ran as follows:
30th November- We took a night train to Delhi.
1st December- A flight at 1:40 to Tirupati
                       Reached Tirupati at 5:30 in the evening
                       Took a cab upto Tirumala
                       Reached Tirumala by 7 in the evening
2nd December- Got up early and lined up for the “Hari darshan”
                         And four hours later we finally completed the “Hari Darshan”
                         Hired a cab driver and went half day sightseeing in and around Tirupati

For more on hari darshan and tirupati planning read this

3rd December- Took a cab down to Tirupati
                         Boarded a train to Rameshwaram at 1:15 pm
4th December- Reached Rameshwaram at 9 in the morning
                        Checked in at a hotel
                        First half went in temple darshan
                        Second half took an Auto (*gasps*) to Dhanushkodi
5th December- Checked out of hotel
                        Hired a cab to go to Madurai, left by nine
                        Reached by one thirty in the afternoon
                        Checked in a hotel
                        Went sightseeing whole day
6th December- Checked out of hotel
                        Hired a cab to go to Kanyakumari, left at nine
                        Reached by one in the afternoon 
                        Checked in a hotel
                        Went sightseeing whole day
7th December- Checked out of hotel
                       Hired a cab to go to Kovalam
                       On way went to Poovar island backwater lakes and also a lot of sight seeing
                       Reached Kovalam by 6 in the evening
                       Had a wonderful dinner on the beach
8th December- Left for allepy early morning four thirtish
                        Reached by nine. 
                        Spent two hours in a houseboat
                        Came back to Kovalam by three
                        Went to the beach had tons of fun!
                         At six went to ayurveda centre with mother in law and experienced awesomeness!
9th December- Checked out of hotel
                        Took a flight out of Trivandrum to Delhi at eleven
                        Reached Delhi at four
                        Train back to Lucknow
This is just a bland teaser. More to come in next few days. Each city may have many posts. Do bear with me then 😛 Anyways, happy reading and traveling!!
I am taking part in the Write Tribe Festival of Words 8th-14th December 2013 and this post has been written for Day 5 which has the prompt as travel

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