And today’s prompt is dreams. Life’s simple pleasures. Dreams. I thought a lot. It is a lazy Saturday and well I can pen down a long post. Or perhaps come up with another fiction adventure.

But no. I am going to keep it simple, just like dreams.

I will pen down five dreams I have for myself.

1. I will one day have a house. Not an apartment but a small house. A two room set with no second floor. A huge garden around it and yes every room will have a set of speakers. Music will forever be in the air in that place.

2. I will have two pets. A dog and a cat. And they will be best of friends. The writer in me wants to script of a real life story with people who generally do not go well. It will be my way of reinforcing faith in this world again.

3. I will have a book cafe after I retire. There will free books for all to read and of course return. The cafe will be the source of income for up-keeping the place. I would want it to be a small not so hyped place. Perhaps only for friends after a while..

4. I want to travel. As much as my pocket allows and time gives in, I wish to travel. I want to someday look back at my life and say I enjoyed it all. I saw almost everything there was for a man or a woman to see. And at the end of each travel always have a home to return to. That feeling has no substitute.

5. I want to pen down a book on my mother. A lot I want to share with the world. Published or not, I do not care. But yes in my lifetime I will present her in my works. A book to celebrate her and the people she believed in.

You tell me what are your dreams? What strikes you down only to see there is more to live for? Does the morning sun bring hope into your life? Or the evening sun calm your senses to see another end of the day? What do you wish to make of your life? What is it that continues to make you proceed in this world without a care? Tell me, I wish to know. Do you also like me have a heart which beats and a soul which craves?

I am taking part in the Write Tribe Festival of Words 8th-14th December 2013 and this post has been written for Day 7 which has the prompt as dreams.

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