Why and what of this post will not be clear to you for a while. It will meander through a lot of things, only to finally land on something. What that something will be, find out.

Yesterday sharp at 8:30 began the weekly travel chat #TravelIST. I had been repeatedly missing it for the last couple of weeks. I was still late and had missed almost half of it and around first three questions.

@richa_singh  23h
I am here! I am here! Very late but made it! @bijoyv and @Living_Escaping did I miss a lot? #TravelIST

@kuldepz  23h
@richa_singh @bijoyv @Living_Escaping just 3 questions.. but u can catch up πŸ™‚ #TravelIST

@bijoyv  23h
@richa_singh An awful lot. Some lesbian stories, loo stories, etc. We’re kicking ass on #TravelIST today! But join in! @Living_Escaping

@Living_Escaping  23h
@richa_singh @bijoyv Welcome!!! Was wondering when we’d see you #TravelIST

@onhisowntrip  23h
@richa_singh @bijoyv @Living_Escaping So late, little girl πŸ™‚ #TravelIST

Well you get the gist right? Yes everyone was missing me πŸ˜€ Now moving on.

Rushing happily through the next two questions we arrived at question 6 .

@Living_Escaping  23h
Q6 is here! How has a travel experience challenged your idea of conventional romance? #TravelIST

It was the question itself which did something to me. I could not hold myself back. Perhaps something she had asked had been in my mind for a while. Something I wanted to speak. Somewhere the idea had germinated and now had got a chance to believe.

@richa_singh  22h
@Living_Escaping A6. Freedom. Conventional romance is too much about being dependent. A traveller lover always is a free bird #TravelIST
 β€@richa_singh  22h
@Living_Escaping A6.  How that warm cup of chai in a snow peaked mountain with no soul in sight works better. #TravelIST
@richa_singh  22h
@Living_Escaping A6. Romance is not always about being home together. Sometimes being far far far away helps more #TravelIST

These were my three answers to the question.

It was like a Pandora’s box. I thought all night, all day and still had more to think. Why had I never penned down my thoughts on this before. I have no idea. I do know that I almost never chronicle my travels. Something which I am most definitely going to try this year more and more.

Moving on again, I told you right at the start. This is going to be a very confusing post.

I know it is a sadistic way of seeing life but when I am away from home, I miss it and when I am back I miss the feeling of missing it.

But then the idea is romance here. It is romance which makes me think more today. The thought of being away from home and missing it is one but the thought of being away from home and being with only that one person who matters is another.

Of stopping somewhere in the middle of everything and realising your home is exactly where he is. It is the place you two are holding hands together, it is the chai you are sharing in that cold, it is that beach where the waters have reached upto your knees it is that sunset over the hills you see.

For me the idea of traveling with my loved ones to distances far and wide is love this Valentine. It is the idea of experiencing the varied colors of life together that is romance. And yes the union of two hearts underneath the wide sky, home.

Traveling makes you tolerant, it makes you see another man’s another life’s perspective with compassion and yes in process learning to speak the language of passion and love is a natural outcome.

This year I celebrated this wonderful thought on Valentine’s day with my fellow bloggers. Read them too at Write Tribe’s language of love

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