And when writer’s block comes by your way. And you are tired but something about your mind tells you, you need a piece of good read and of course writing.

So here I went across to Write Tribe’s website and quickly grabbed the 100 words on Write Tribe prompt

How Should I tell her about you.

A friend I was
But a lady first

I fell for you
when all cursed

Was it love?
Many went about

But how could I
tell them what I felt really

when every waking moment
spent away I missed you already

Was it love?
I wondered too

Every now and then
Sparing a minute or two

But then early next one
brought new thoughts

Ones that washed out
all that was lost

No that is not what made me ask
It was the at hand task

I was a friend too
and perhaps a lady at last

How should I tell her
about you, a blast from past.

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