The challenge as such demands that one needs to write exactly twenty six posts for the month of April. Starting from A and continuing to Z. The four sundays are excluded from this. If you have not then you can register here.

But April A-Z challenge is not limited to just writing. It is an exercise to overhaul your blogging experience starting from writing and continuing to building relationships. They say no man’s an island, well this is an adequate example of that.

So how can you create a well founded strategy for A-Z?


Try to create a unified theme for the challenge. This is mainly for two reasons, one because writing twenty six different posts not related at all will be more difficult than writing a theme based one. Planning a new topic each day can most definitely take a hit on your creativity.

Secondly, for your readers too a sense of engagement gets higher once they know what they may expect in your posts. They start to identify more with your writing. And it is easier for them to regularly discuss. Also easier to remember you post challenge because of the central idea they have associated you with.

At the end of twenty six days you have enough matter to create an ebook of the theme and put it up for free downloads on your blog. You can see in the right sidebar the links to two novellas on this blog. They had been written and converted during the last two Ultimate blogging challenge for the months of October and January.


Have you built your reading list for A-Z? If not then I may tell you it is high time you do. Join facebook groups, follow people through twitter, check the blogs enlisted on the website and create a list of your own.

Make sure you have your list ready in a document or at best through an rss reader such as Feedly in the form of a reading group.

Why is it so important to build a reading list? Because the main purpose of the challenge is to find new blogs and be found in turn. Consecutively, to enhance your network and build a better flow of readers to your own blog, post the completion of challenge.

Use the next one and a half months (or less) to discover A-Z blogs, read them more. Leave comments on their blogposts mentioning that you are visiting through A-Z groups. And yes invite them to read you as well. This is done so that before the challenge itself you have built a relationship, gained an idea as to what their writing style is like and at times even decide that they may not be the kind of blogs you want to connect to. Better to have all this in order before the actual challenge begins

Social Media

As a blogger, one needs to fully understand the impact of social media in our lives. Whereas facebook pages have taken over the regular google followers, now the aggressive use of twitter by bloggers is making all the content more open to public spaces.

Use your facebook profile to connect with people. Post regular updates on your blog posts and in turn visit people’s profile for similar reading. Exchange facebook pages with bloggers and create a network through them.

Use twitter follows and interactions to build a sharing pattern.

For all blogs that you read follow a simple funda, read-comment-share. And by share I mean either on twitter or on facebook or google+ and at best all.

Use google + profiles to include people in circles. There in you can share their posts and create a better SEO approach for them and for you.

Ultimately, remember that the challenge is to understand and experience the whole blogging brouhua that many of us are already exposed to. Take a deep dive and ensure that you and your blog come off as better polished, aware and successful the other side.

See ya around and hoping for an exciting April A-Z challenge!

If you are intending to take part in the challenge, then please do leave your blog link in comments. Thanks!

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