Yes it is true. Before you come to know from somebody else I will accept it outright. I have an elephant’s memory. In the last few years I have started to resemble one too, but that is of course besides the point. I will start running next monday. (yet again :D)

And only today I told someone, I can forget but not forgive. The person on the other side instantly pointed out that I was lying. It took me surprise. Because very few people are able to catch me lying, it is a scorpio’s best asset. And in this small world of blogging where I am hoping he cannot read, I accept. I can not forget and yes cannot forgive, more on that later.

Moving on, so yes I remember every minute detail about my life. It is a curse in many ways but yes when the time came that a certain someone called Shilpa Garg tagged me to write about my own “Earliest memory” I got excited. Terribly excited. 
It was a typical case of problem of plenty. I remember every minute detail of my life. Bloody hell as strange as it may sound I remember the first time I spoke the words ma and the look on my mother’s face. It is very unreal but true. 
Now what is my earliest memory? My earliest memory is that I was (and am) very very camera friendly. If I started to cry my parents would get the camera out and only pretend to click me, BAM I would stop crying. 
My earliest memory related to getting clicked is finding out that a certain expression on my face makes me look very cute in pictures. This came after some permutations and combinations. But once perfected I used it for years.
Want to know which one? See below!

“Aaaahhh” I had firmly decided it was my poser look. To open my mouth out wide and go “aaaaahhhh”

This is as far as it is about me.

What I am , what I will be and what I want to be is divided equally between the awesome twosome who brought me to this world. Their love story inspires me to believe in love, their passion to do something beyond the usual has always instilled in me the courage to follow my own dreams and their belief in their kids and their choices tells me I might be worth something someday.

I love you both sooo much <3 p="">

It is the two of them together, the sight of them in this frame that keeps me going

I will not let this wonderful chain break with me! I will tag my very own sweet, lovable amazingly cute friend Meena Menon to write her “earliest memory”. Looking forward to it most happily.

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