Save our tigers. Yes a campaign which is now almost synonymous with the telecom brand Aircel, decided to hold an awareness campaign in Dudhwa national Park. And here on this occasion, one of the three bloggers invited, was your truly.

It was a fabulous opportunity to understand the campaign which had caught my attention almost at its inception. Needless to say I was excited.

And now here I am, sitting in a hotel room in Palia waiting for a great day tomorrow.

There is going to be morning safaris, sensitization of villager for man-animal conflicts and yes TIGERS.

For major part of the one half day I went through a lot of talking with the Wildlife Trust of India and the Aircel people trying to understand the campaign. And I am almost stumped by the information flowing my way. It is such a well researched campaign in itself. With actual results on paper.

When we say save our tigers, what do we really mean by that? Only poaching? No. There are so many facets attached to it.

save our tigers
WTI people explaining us Save Our Tigers

For example, most tigers are killed because they are considered as a threat to human population. And this is where a lot of training is needed. WTI people explained to us in detail how they sensitize villagers on the issue of man-animal conflict. How such untoward incidents can be avoided.

And on their part they have a resident sociologist and a biologist monitoring the activities of the tigers. So much of jargons used in their discussions such as scans, falls and of course they were all speaking as if we know. 😀

Therefore each time we interjected to understand better.

At the end of the day, I am sitting on my bed typing this and thinking to myself, there is so much to learn in this world. I for one who continuously makes an effort to read as much as I can, could never think that a campaign such as this is so much about research and pro-activity.

Looking forward to an eventful tomorrow!

Yes yes a selfie on the way 😛

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