Why Suryagarh can easily confuse tourists as an authentic fort rather than a boutique hotel is anyone’s guess.

Of course it was only post the monsoon magic fest held at the hotel which saw many travel bloggers flock their place, could I finally decide it to be my choice of stay in Jaisalmer. And let me tell you I was not one bit disappointed.

Situated at 10kms away from the heart of city, this is featured as one of the must visit locations in almost every travelogue covering Jaisalmer.

suryagarh jaisalmer
Main entrance

They offer you a wide range of services to make your stay with them every bit worth the time and money.

Fancy a craftsy vacation? We can teach you tile painting, batik, tie dye and other indigenous crafts.Dinner on the dunes? A day trip to Jaisalmer or guided sanctuary tours? Your own day-long desert rally in a fortified Humvee? A kalbellia dancer to match steps with, or impromptu folk songs, spurred by superb single malts

suryagarh jaisalmer
The hotel itself has:

An indoor swimming pool
A gym
An elaborate bar
A coffee shop
A spa

First two sets of clothes are laundered free of cost. Every room has an attached drawing/sitting room attached. The rooms designing and decoration is based on rajasthani colours and themes.

Our suggestion

suryagarh jaisalmer

We were on a budget trip (like every time) so we decided to keep the stay and create a la carte of services with other travel agencies from the city. The plan though did not work out as well we had expected. Our suggestion would be to perhaps give the hotel’s services a try, which we accept were slightly expensive.

What surprised us?

They got us free dishes off their menu only to help us enjoy a more authentic cuisine. They poured us drinks we had never tried and again kept it off the bill. Every night there was a piece of gur wrapped in butter paper with a ribbon beside our bed. It won our heart to see how they were taking care of every single detail.

If a stay at the hotel doesn’t look like a feasible (or within budget) plan, then we would recommend a day’s lunch here. Spending an hour at this location would give you enough time to enjoy the beauty of this place.

suryagarh jaisalmer
Bird’s Eye View

Location: 10kms away from Jaisalmer City
Category: Five Star boutique hotel
Tariff: starting 12,000 a night
Website: Suryagarh Jaisalmer

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