Yes I know that particular title goes differently (I am a mother, what is your superpower) but then it is not like they filed a copyright, right? 😀

Well today on blog we present to you for the umpteenth time 😀 husband dearest with his pictorial post

I am a husband, what is your superpower?

Handing over the baton to him now.

Being a husband brings many shades of life (and death) to you. Well I tried to draw some of these shades (Read superpowers) out by comparing a ‘husband’ to many existing, ready to save the planet superheroes!
 Here’s hoping you like them.

I hope some of you took inspiration and started following the super deeds as I would have them to be called from now onwards. Believe me your life will be spared more peaceful  if you took them to heart and spirit.

                              *                                                 *                                                 *

Well well so far the husband has gotten it right (#sarcasm) but then us wives we always have the last word. So here is one from me too. When you read the line ‘basic things’ please assume I mean it for all the above mentioned deeds by super hero husband 😀

                            *                                                *                                            *

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