So I have news! I am now going to have my own column at India Violet! Yes a weekly column written all by myself. 

Here is the excerpt from the first post that I have written for them. Do follow the link and read the rest 🙂 

Let’s get talking with Richa today talks about “Why having an effective social media profile is very important!”

Social media. The craze and the crazy have all announced it to be the next big thing. The jury of course is still out on the judgement.

And in such times maintaining a strong social media profile will become imperative for future prospects. In this column for the next few weeks we will discuss each day a social media network and the perks or usage of having a profile on it.


Facebook, started as a ‘hot or not’ kind of photo click site within harvard turned out to be one of this century’s biggest creation.

How can you employ facebook to help create a better social media impact?

Read the rest here.

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