It is quarter past twelve my side of the world.

Officially the day we are going to release our theme for A to Z challenge for April is here.

*drum rolls*

My theme for the challenge is

A- Z of being in your mid twenties!!

Tada. Yes I am now on that stage of life when I will do anything and everything to desperately hold onto my twenties 😀 And so decided to write twenty six posts on being a mid twenty!

Watch this space starting from 1st April for all the hoopla of being a crazy mid twenty and and a scared entrant into the dreadful thirty. Use the hashtag #A2ZChallenge to read more on the participating posts.

Apart from this we stumbled upon another challenge in April and we have decided to combine that as well.

                                                          30 Days of Indie Travel project

Indie30 is a blogging project to connect like-minded creative travelers.

Each day, a prompt having to do with long-term, independent travel is shared. The prompt is meant to inspire your post, art, video or how you express yourself in the context of indie travel.

You can connect on twitter by using the hashtag #Indie30!

Yes we are crazy enough to take up another challenge! Ultimate Blogging Challenge will also be weaved through and so officially this April will see us taking part in a total of three blogging challenges! For this use the hashtag #BlogBoost to read more of the challenge posts.

Are you excited? Well we are slightly scared 😀

By the way did I tell you? On 15th April, your darling friend is also moving forever with bag, baggage and husband to Pune. So all this will be done amidst packing, movement and yes guesthouses. No home for fifteen days 🙂

I know what you are thinking, I am the Barney Stinson you never met- CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

Anyways all you dear Robins (Ref back to Barney Stinson 😛 ) I will need you people a lot during April. You will be my energy drinks all those thirty ‘challenging’ days!!

                            *                                                *                                            *

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