Travel and technology.

How has technology made my traveling better?

During the Aircel’s ‘Save Our Tigers’ campaign in Dudhwa National Park , my Tata Photon ISP refused to show even one percent of network strength. And as many of you already know for a blogger no internet is as good as a suicide.

But my iphone came to rescue, I created a hotspot and believe me it worked almost as good as my regular internet connection.

Status: It still forms a friendly subsitute to the ever elusive Tata Docomo internet speed.

As a traveler looking out to reach and remember stories for writing posts here, often carrying note pads and pens in my bag become a regular activity. But then there are times when despite the enthralling beauty of the surroundings I find myself lost in a notepad rather than the views.

Need of a travel app arose from this thought.

After some google search and advice from tech friends, Mobily Trip was zeroed in. It holds many features such as journals, check-ins and along the way photo graphs. All of course linked to a calender and also an option to upload on server.

During my last Delhi trip I decided to put it to use. I created a trip, added details day wise and monument wise. I added photos for along the way option and mentioned some odd tid bits about each to make referencing easy later.

What I found lacking was a more advanced or extensive form of check-ins. The cities or monuments particularly for India were absent on the maps though a lot of options existed for international locations.

At the end of it I created a trip and uploaded it on to the server.

My verdict is that the app did not act very friendly while adding details and also at times found lacking especially for Indian traveling context. And the end result did not look very user friendly because it remains as you have entered. If it converted itself into a travel diary of sorts then converting the writings into a post would have been easy.

Status: Still searching for a good travel app

If I speak of technology then honestly the first name that comes to my mind is ‘google maps’.

It has been of immense help to me and I must say the google maps for Iphones is highly user friendly. Despite the fact that I own a 2G internet connection it is always moving with the vehicle and pursuing 100 percent accuracy.

In my recent road trip to Kanpur to meet my aunt, I entered her address and placed it on navigation. We reached without asking a single person for directions. Which is in my opinion an achievement in India.

Caution: There are some routes on google maps expecially in India which going by its algorithm of selecting shortest route take you down very narrow lanes with no space for a car to proceed. We faced such an issue recently while trying to reach a friend’s place in Ghaziabad. So while using if it takes you through rural areas or very narrow by lanes, do confirm from locals about the location.

Status: Will take it to my death bed if possible. Another offering of perfection from google.

Last time I visited Delhi I had a mixed reaction to the environment present there. At one time my most favoutire location in the whole big wide world, the present state of city is very sexist. The world there has suddenly evolved into eve teasing, constantly staring bunch of sex hungry people. Yes I said all those things about my favourite city. And hence the first day we remained outdoors very late having dinner at a hotel close by.

But next day my husband announced that he could not take the discomfort of traveling with two girls anymore and hence decided to keep a curfew of seven for all.

So of course by seven meant we would have to order some takeaway or home delivery for dinner.

Here in my sister’s roommate suggested that we use her phone to check some options on foodpanda. My husband who is very tech-savvy instantly downloaded the app on his own phone and started to search for options.

In no time we had zeroed in on a budget and listed the cuisine we would like to eat. After a series of clicks on the phone and nods from the people, we had selected Pizzeria Roosa, Hauz Khas and placed our orders.

Within half an hour the food was served and all in a span of few clicks and no extra cost.

Food apps I believe are a must while traveling. Not only do they help you understand more about the existing cuisine and flavour of food in the location but also in dire consequences help you locate your preferred foods.

Verdict: Food Panda’s app was very easy to navigate and takes very little space in terms of memory too

Status: This particular app has now entered my little iphone too. And is here to stay!

At the end of the whole bit I would highly recommend the following technology addons for traveling:

Hotspot equipped phone (Especially for Tata Docomo users)
Google maps
A food app such as Food Panda
A travel journal app (still searching)

Add more to my list perhaps? Tell us what one technology add on is a must for you while traveling!

Photo credits: My favourite tech guy Google! 😀

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