Some things about me you need to know before I proceed with this particular piece of writing. I am a staunch believer of things my inner voice speaks. And hence proved I am also a staunch believer of the fact that an inner voice exists.

Reading the never ending news pieces describing gang rapes, murders, consistently increasing poverty levels in our country and the usual ‘things going wrong’ with our times, I would get deeply affected. And when I say deeply affected I really mean it. I stop sleeping, stop writing and even stop eating in some cases. But every time I did that my inner voice would instantly throw in a reminder saying ,”this is wrong”. 
I would be utterly confused. How the hell can this be true? And I would dismiss it. But the feeling remained.
This got me into some serious thinking and reading. And over the next few years I started to form a theory. Yes this took years and not months. I am using Hinduism as an example but I can assure you all forms of religion have the same sense of concept here.
Hinduism on the whole has two schools of thought which I always thought were very contradictory. They say they are not fatalistic in nature and believe that the destiny or course of your life is in ‘your’ hands. At the same time they said everything is pre-ordained or lacking a better word, everything happens as per fate.
This for a while perturbed me to no ends. A while back I even wrote an article called ‘Hindu rate of economy’ which was no way my answer to problems but only an offshoot of some research.
It was at the beginning of this year that I finally concluded the two thought processes and yes found them to be perfectly conjoined.I took a while to write this post because I needed some validation. And after sounding my theories with many friends and finding them agreeing on all points, decided to spell it out here.
Consider this, when soul decides to take a re-birth it sits down with God and analyses the report card of its karma. God offers it some deals and packages to substantiate what it would see are hurdles in gaining the ultimate niravna.
Say my soul based on previous experiences knows that it can survive the brunt of losing a parent. And in turn cancel a lot of bad karma gathered over past lives. At the end of my life, there is a trajectory of events which have negated a lot of my soul’s bad karma and yes gained a few more due to the actions of my ‘conscious’.
Here we stop for a few seconds to understand the two words: ‘soul’ and ‘conscious’
Soul is what is inside you and conscious is the exterior set of senses which others perceive as you.
How is Hinduism not fatalistic then? Because the decision to chose your life or the events constituted in it lies with you (soul).
How is life pre-ordained? Because right at the time of your entering this world the trajectory is already decided. Hence that can be fate, chosen by you (soul)
But the question we started with was, why does my inner voice rebuke me over lamenting others sorrow? 
Answer. Because in a way I am disrespecting the other soul’s decision to choose a life. I am trying to say that the soul in this particular question made an incorrect deal, a bad bargain to compensate karma. 
This thought helped me grow. It taught me to let go of my own pains and yes accept that no matter how bad I feel for the others it is in the end for their own good. 
Life, as I believe, is not a report card but a balance sheet.
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