I am not a huge fan of watching movies in theatres. I practically detest sitting through three hours of doing nothing but staring at the moving pictures on the screen.

But Queen was different, whatever little I had seen in trailers and posters had convinced me that this would be a must watch.

And I was not disappointed!

A simple yet meaningful story of a jilted woman, Rani, the movie describes to us the series of transformation she undergoes post the called off wedding.

Why is Queen a feminist’s delight?

Feminist Myth #1

They want that they should be the all powering, all dominating nazi forces around.

Umm no. In most simple of terms, again NO.

In the movie Queen, Rani goes on her honeymoon to Paris and Amsterdam alone. Experiencing all that she does, she realises that she has been holding herself back all life because someone else deemed it to be. Her choices were never hers to make. This new found sense of freedom changes her mindset and opens her mind to new beginnings.

A feminist only wants that hers and her peers choices should be only theirs to make.

Feminist Myth #2

They believe that short clothes will liberate them.

Umm no. AGAIN.

Throughout the movie Rani has nowhere worn any short dress or clothes which may be deemed exposing. In fact right at the end when she returns back to India she is wearing a nice chic kurta which she laughingly tells has been bought in Paris and has written ‘Made in India’. It is a very simple scene but it shows what the story wanted to tell us. Clothes don’t make mindsets. Period.

Feminist Myth #3

They do not like household chores especially cooking.

Umm no. Though some of us don’t enjoy it out of sheer laziness.

Rani is a graduate in home science. She even earns money through her cooking in Amsterdam. And yes thoroughly enjoys it.

Feminist Myth #4

They are man eaters who only want that the entire men race should be wiped off.

Umm no. Hell no!

Rani realises in the end that the called off wedding in fact helped her grow. Her life has opened many avenues not explored because she got an opportunity to discover them. She parts with Vijay on a happier note. Yes she forgives him!

Feminists only real vendetta is that women all over should be allowed to decide for themselves. Cooking, shopping biking or mountaineering, whatever it is that they want to do should only be their prerogative. It is when terms begin to get dictated to them that the concerns rise.

As long as you let them be, they are the world’s sweetest people to be around. Don’t believe? Well then you should meet me 😀

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